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Summary: Armageddon Empires Patch v1.08b for Mac
Date: 08 Aug 08
Filename: AEUpdateMac_1_08b.zip
Size: 4.8MB (5,053,232 bytes)
Downloads: 4
Last Download: 1909 days ago
More info: http://www.crypticcomet.com/
This update should be applied to earlier versions 1.1a, 1.1b, 1.1c, 1.02, 1.03, 1.03a, 1.03b, 1.04,1.04a, 1.05, 1.05a, 1.05b, 1.06, 1.06a., 1.07 , 1.07a, 1.08 and 1.08a All previous save games are compatible.

Instructions: Double left click on the self extracting ZIP file to unload the files to your Armageddon Empires folder where the game was installed. The default installation location is C:Program FilesCryptic CometArmageddonEmpires. The default location for the update unzip program corresponds to the default installation program. Two files should be overwritten AIScripts.cxt and MainInterface.cxt.

Windows Vista users may have to perform this operation by first unziping the files to a location like their desktop and then copying the files manually.

UI Improvement
Special bonus damage including the combined arms bonus is now displayed in the battle results dialogue box for ground to ground combat. Damage modifications for armor special abilities are also displayed.

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where the Triage special ability was not being used efficiently by the AI's when deciding on army builds.

Fixed rare AI vs AI battle bug where one AI had not had its intel object updated to show the opposing AI as attacking him in the hex.

Fixed bug where Great Kabaagh would retaliate when any nuke exploded not just those target for him.

Fixed bug where Plague did not continue to spread between units and continue to weaken units once Plague Mother was terminated.

Fixed bug where espionage success could cause false indie resource collectors (which are really outposts) to be displayed.

Fixed bug where Attack card could use munition in Air to Air Challenge.

Fixed bug where munition card was not being cleared when choose next attack card for air to air intercept was occurring.

Fixed bug where Plague Mother could move her Plague Hut onto a independent minefield and take it over until she moved away.

Fixed bug where AI goal to try and capture out of supply hex could cause script error if army assigned to goal was destroyed.

Fixed bug where Tactical Genius special ability was not being applied for Retreat Challenges.

Fixed bug where presence of an enemy hero could cause the AI to reject a deployment hex for an outpost even though it could control the hex and hunt the hero.

Fixed bug where capturing an enemy hero in an enemy minefield caused an error because of a fault in the hex control algorithm.

Fixed bug where siege status might not be correctly determined if undetected enemy stealthed army was still present after another army exited hex.

Fixed bug where destruction of ground based SAM by HARM could cause crash if it was last card in Army.
MD5 Sum: f3a64672537c869ffda0e17ac6a6a8ad
SHA1 Sum: d93d8e3f445844321f34469efefd1748ad5f34ae
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