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Summary: World in Conflict Australian Trial Client
Date: 11 Jul 08
Size: 2.7GB (2,929,454,104 bytes)
Downloads: 531
Last Download: 1663 days ago
More info:
World in Conflict, the action strategy game from Massive
Entertainment has taken gamers and the press by storm. Receiving much
critical acclaim including numerous 'best of E3 awards', and
'Strategy Game of the Year' accolades, World in Conflict has enlisted
thousands worldwide to engage in war.

Set in an authentic alternate history scenario in which the Cold War
did not end, full scale war breaks out between the Soviet Union and
the United States, resulting in the Cold War nightmare -- destruction
and turmoil on a scale never before known./

Massive Entertainment have released a free time limited trial client
so that gamers can engage in World in Conflict's on-line experience.
Once installing the client, gamers will be able to join those who have
purchased World in Conflict in their on-line battles in a desperate
fight for dominance and glory.

Featuring a robust single player campaign, in addition to its main
draw card, on-line multi player, World in Conflict does away with most
traditional RTS conventions. With no base building or economic
management, players are able to focus on fast paced team oriented
combat, all depicted through Massive Entertainment's gorgeous Masstech
engine which supports both Direct X 9 and Direct X 10 Rendering.

Online play is powered by the feature rich Massgate which enables
players to quickly and easily communicate with friends and join game
servers. With a passionate and active world wide player base, World in
Conflict offers a unique multiplayer experience.
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