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Summary: 3DMark Vantage Client v1.01
Date: 23 May 08
Filename: 3DMark_Vantage_v101_installer.exe
Size: 413.8MB (433,900,752 bytes)
Downloads: 15494
Last Download: 55 days ago
More info: http://www.futuremark.com
3DMark Vantage Build 1.0.1 Info
We have made changes in the product editions to better serve our customers. Off-line score is now available in the Advanced edition, and ad banners have been removed. Error messages have been improved, and various bugs have been fixed.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you only install 3DMark Vantage using a user account that has Administrator rights on the machine. Installing 3DMark Vantage as a Standard User on Vista is not recommended. Cases where the user has Standard User rights only, and User Account Control (UAC) turned off are specifically not supported, and will not work.

The hotfix updates the following:

* Off-line score viewing is now available in the Advanced Edition.
* Score save / submit saved options are now available in the Advanced Edition.
* Ad banners have been removed from all editions.
* Added a "SEND ERROR" button to error messages; clicking this will send detailed error information to Futuremark for better bug tracking and fixing. No personally identifiable information will be sent or stored.

The hotfix fixes the following:

* An issue preventing valid serial key entry in some cases has been fixed.
* An issue causing "boost::filesystem::create_directory" error message after registration has been fixed.
* Added a check and error message for hardware that is not DX10 capable.
* Improved detection of supported resolutions so that CPU test minimum requirement (1280x1024) is now taken into account correctly.
* Fixed an issue where pressing the ESC key during CPU test loading screen, the user would be taken to a score view with score -1.
* The entire 3DMark Vantage application is now elevated to Administrator rights, rather than only the SystemInfo component. This will ensure more robust SystemInfo and benchmark functionality, and fixes the "pop-behind" elevation dialog.
* Fixed an issue that sometimes caused "WM_QUIT" error messages.
* Post-processing scale is now displayed correctly in the UI for the Extreme Preset.
* Fixed an issue that could cause resolution switches at test runtime.
MD5 Sum: fd94436c6d3770c4f6d6267265b7b4fa
SHA1 Sum: 8a8c449782e78bb7043730633bfd8d2f8ee30cdf
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