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Summary: gOS Space v2.9 ISO
Date: 07 Apr 08
Filename: gos-space-20080406-1226.iso
Size: 768.3MB (805,595,136 bytes)
Downloads: 19274
Last Download: 210 days ago
More info: http://www.thinkgos.com/
gOS Space 2.9 is a special version of gOS Linux made for MySpace users, featuring brand new MySpace Apps.

The gOS Space dock shows off some of the newest MySpace Apps: "Super Mood," "Super Graffiti," “Super Quotes,” and "Current Time." With Super Mood, users add super sized emoticons and personal updates to their MySpace profiles; with Super Graffiti, users draw pictures on their friends’ MySpace profiles; with Super Quotes, users select fun quotes to display on their profiles; and with Current Time, users add digital clocks to their pages that display their local times in different colors. These MySpace apps can be found at http://www.pimpmyapps.com.

In addition to MySpace Apps, the gOS Space dock introduces expandable icons: “MySpace,” “News,” “Photos,” “Videos,” “Music,” “TV and Movies,” “Work,” and “Fun." Clicking the MySpace icon expands to shortcuts for the entire MySpace navigation bar, while other icons pop open the most popular websites for content. For example, clicking “TV and Movies” reveals Hulu, NBC, CBS, and other sites where users can watch full-length TV episodes from popular shows such as “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons,” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”
MD5 Sum: ea5626bf6b3085e6141ca34eadb371a6
SHA1 Sum: d0de964fa9924b26f3da5966ed7df3c0bf8afc50