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Summary: Armageddon Empires Patch v1.07 for Mac
Date: 25 Mar 08
Size: 3.8MB (3,942,229 bytes)
Downloads: 9
Last Download: 208 days ago
V 1.07 Update - MAC version

This update should be applied to earlier versions 1.01, 1.02 and 1.02a and brings the version directly to 1.07. All previous save games are compatible.

Cults of the Wastelands Mini Expansion Pack

A new toggle exists on the options/create game screens that activates or deactivates the new Cults of the Wastelands content.

The first five new games started when the Cults of the Wasteland toggle is selected will offer a unique cult that attempts to accomplish a special cult agenda while active on the map.

After the first five games the option to selecte a specific or random cult is presented..

The player must eliminate the cult as well as the other AI players to win the game. Eliminating the cult results in a 100 point bonus to the player's score. If the all the AI players are eliminated and only the Cult remains, then each turn you will receive a base of 14 Action Points plus any modifiers you are currently owed. If you initiate a battle but do not delay the resolution until the end of the turn, the turn will finish and you will continue on to the next turn with a fresh 14 Action Point base plus modifiers.

Update Notes 1.07 Cults PC Version

Fixed bug where subgoal request for top goal's target hex coordinate could return a void instead of a point.

Fixed bug where Xenopods were trying to deploy egg from eggchamber and test for garrison already being full was not correctly implemented.

Fixed Minefield bug where de-stealthing in minefield could cause error.

Fixed bug where desperate measures goals to retake stronghold were not using correct siege or attack decision function.

Fixed bug where desperate measures goals were not rating hero led armies high enough because the input factor of the combat power vs. AP cost ratio was being dragged down slightly by the hero.

Fixed bug where AI cycled between goals to deploy a collector to a hex and probe a hex for enemy activity in preparation to deploy a collector because the same army was being chosen for both goals.

Fixed bug where stealthed hero controlled by human player could use AI facilities to create tactics cardsFixed bug where Garrison could be destroyed even though defender kept control of hex after battle was finished.

Fixed bug where Garrison was destroyed but goal did not fail when trying to move unit card from destroyed Garrison.

Fixed bug where when AI had zero of all resources in stockpiles a divide by zero error could occur for certain heuristic algorithms.

Fixed bug where multiple infantry supports on same infantry card would cause error when transitioning to next battle.

Fixed bug where canceling Air Assault could returned more Action Points than had been expended.

Fixed bug where +4 Espionage Bonus from Viral Homonculi was not being applied correctly.

Fixed hotkey bug where using hotkey on AI responding dialogue could fail to clear modal lock and cause buttons to be disabled.

Fixed hotkey bug where multiple capture kill attempts after a battle could occur on same hero.

Fixed bug where unit cards with the steadfast special ability could be targeted by confusion attacks.

Fixed bug where changing map size during the start game phase did not disable the start game button when no opponents were selected.

Fixed bug where deploy costs for created or discovered cards did not match the printed cost.

Fixed bug where facility could be destroyed by HARM attack and aircraft would proceed to attack it without recognizing that it had already been destroyed.

Fixed bug where AI could try and move back row unit forward even when no space was available.

Fixed bug where if both sides had all units committed because of assaults, the program flow resulted in an error instead of just proceeding to a new round.

Fixed very hard to find bug where during AI vs. AI battles the wrong army could be retreated during multi army battles causing an error

Fixed bug where AI would not rate God Soldier or EVO unit high enough for Tactical Nuke use.

UI Additions and Changes:

New toggle on options screen gives AI players starting resource cache to expedite early game growth strategies.

Implemented hex coordinate identification pop up when player left clicks on hex on map when no interface menus are visible>

All tile resource locations are now displayed when inspecting a map at the end of a game.

Added AP cost to deploy card to card description info in Deck Builder.

Rules Changes

Armies besieged and acting as the defender in a battle get an additional defense die (+1) to each unit card in the army.

Armies that are attempting to lay siege to an outpost/stronghold hex but are attacked by the defending armies in a breakout/lift siege attack DO NOT get the terrain bonus for the hex in which they are located.
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