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Summary: Universal Combat CE Patch v1.00.05 [Digital River]
Date: 03 Mar 08
Filename: ucce_1.00.05_DR.exe
Size: 8.8MB (9,182,289 bytes)
Downloads: 8
Last Download: 1573 days ago
More info:
v1.00.05 (02-28-08)

FIXED: Issues with hotspots in Save/Restore screen
FIXED: client name/race/caste/etc... weren't being updated on other clients when it was changed without disconnecting first. Server now broadcasts the client information when they log on.
MD5 Sum: 752a983633db39874bcab86fa52f2fd5
SHA1 Sum: 047c78d81ce9f6d5d0e67df0da8965a779c2ce11