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Summary: AGEOD's American Civil War Patch v1.09
Date: 05 Feb 08
Filename: patch_AACW_v1.09.exe
Size: 63.8MB (66,856,008 bytes)
Downloads: 279
Last Download: 757 days ago
AGEod's American Civil War Update 1.09
January 30th, 2008
================================================== ============================

This patch contains all changes since the start. Warning: All railroads improvements will not be impacted in current games though, although no additional side effects will appears.

================================================== ============================
================================================== ============================
- fixed: In the Domestic Policies screen, rivers were shown with 0% loyalty.
- fixed: Fixed units had the Ambush button light up.
- fixed: USA Emancipation notification message had a glitch, for the CSA.
- fixed: Riverine move could allow return fire against coastal batteries.
- fixed: It was possible to activate an non active general by merging him in a brigade.

================================================== ============================
Gameplay changes or additions
================================================== ============================
- changed: Moving onto a river with the river pool will reduce Evasion value of the troops to 1.
- added: If attacked in a city, all your troops switch to Defend at all cost (as there is no retreat path)
- changed: You only need 8 ships to blockade an harbor, not 12. Forts give +-4, not +-6.
- added: Tweakable Activation rule: All leaders always activable, normal rule, or hardened rule: an unactivated leader and all his stack is fixed one turn depending of a percentage chance roll).
- added: You can now see how much exp points an element (or leader) has, by passing the mouse over his stars, in the Element Detail Panel.

================================================== ============================
Map & Scenarios
================================================== ============================
- added: Many more railroads improvements and historical tweaks from Gray_Lensman.
- added: 1862 east Campaign added (Work from Bigus with Berto help)
- improved: TransMississippi Scenario by Bigus.

================================================== ============================
Modding & system tweaks
================================================== ============================
- added: You can now launch a mod with a command line: AACW.exe modpath /mymod
- added: Better support for Japanese Windows with the TextLengthCoeff variable in Display.opt
- Modding: A new parameter has been added to all leaders abilities: if it is always effective, if it is effective only if the leader is active, or if effective only if the leader is not added. See the modding forum.
- Modding: A new parameter has been added to all models, CbtSignature. See the Modding forum for more info.
- improved: Update on Spanish localization.
MD5 Sum: fec823085aadb46ead101f91464059bc
SHA1 Sum: add9c46cef4f010dff5e931dac24e168c0d83c29
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