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Summary: Bioshock Patch v1.1 [English/USK German]
Date: 05 Dec 07
Filename: Bioshock_Version_11_Patch_USK_German_and_English.zip
Size: 27MB (28,319,683 bytes)
Downloads: 2004
Last Download: 30 days ago
More info: http://www.2kgames.com/index.php?p=games&platfor...

* Added compatibility with Matrox TripleHead2Go - Allows Bioshock users to play in Surround Gaming Mode across 3 screens simultaneously
* Added rendering support for TripleHead2Go
* Added the following plasmids and gene tonics: Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom 2, Eve Saver, Machine Buster, Machine Buster 2, Vending Expert, Vending Expert 2
* Added an Option to disable the Vita-Chambers for added difficulty.
* Changed behavior of subtitles so that inappropriate queuing is improved
* Added support for a walk toggle keybind
* Added Horizontal FOV Lock option
* Atlas VO volume increased for German releases


* Re-added the Human Inferno tonic which was missing from the retail release.
* Fixed mouse acceleration issues
* Fixed issue of subtitles not clearing correctly on occasion
* Fix for a potential situation in Fort Frolic where taking a picture of Cobb is impossible if his body gets stuck behind a fallen pillar
* Fixed subtitle timings to more accurately match the on screen audio
* Fixed issue causing stuttering audio when using Windows Vista
* Fixed issue with characters squirming and wiggling after death
* Fixed blood decals and other projectors not showing up on ATI hardware
* The "Use Creative EAX Audio" option is now greyed out when EAX-capable hardware is not present
* Fixed audio issues stemming from having a Speaker Setting in Windows that was invalid for the current sound card
* Fixed reserved keys not functioning properly when keys are unbound
* Fixed multiple cases of keys not allowing a rebind
* Removed erroneous "Reload" binding in a no-weapons context
* Fixed incorrect Training Message concerning bots who are friendly to enemy AIs
* Fixed incorrect Training Message when shooting a Mimic
* Fixed refresh rate being locked at 60hz in DX10 mode
* Fixed VSync disabling in DX10 mode

*If you purchased a digital distribution copy of BioShock (i.e. from Direct2Drive, Steam, or other), do NOT install this patch. Please go to the site you downloaded BioShock from to receive a version of this patch modified to work with your version.
MD5 Sum: 9ad16ee2003706928c1aa196ebf1eca3
SHA1 Sum: 8ccd9c82567241d7b8f51a847f4ac027a0700a7d
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