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Summary: Trickster Online Revolution Client
Date: 25 Jun 08
Filename: FullPakTrickster.exe
Size: 541.4MB (567,676,870 bytes)
Downloads: 7592
Last Download: 95 days ago
More info: http://www.tricksteronline.com/GameInfo/Synopsis...
Game Features:
More than 160 different monsters roam around Caballa Island to distract Tricksters from achieving their goals.

Therefore, the battle system is essential in surviving in the Caballa Island. The battle system is also called MAB System (Multi-Activity Battle System) and the reason is because you can attack not only with the weapons, but also the items in the game can be used for attacks. Different skills can be learned from cards and scrolls. You can also set traps underground to catch monsters. Acquired items and experience points earned through battles will help you to level up and they can also help you upgrade or learn other special skills. Gelder, the currency used in the game (Caballa Island) can also be earned through battles.

Number of skills that take advantage of different Trickster types are available in the game.

Each skill can be acquired by purchasing the skill card from Type-master. Furthermore, TM experience points that increase from participating in a battle or playing time can also be used to gain or upgrade skills. Skills such as gun shooting, basic attack skills, damage deflection skills, status changing skills, party play only skills are just some of the skills that make Trickster a unique gaming experience.

More than 250 different kinds of cards are hidden inside Caballa Island and waiting to be dug up.

You can perform and learn magic using the cards that you acquired, or use TCC System (Trading Card Collection System) to show off your card collection to other gamers. Plus, the collected cards can be used during the Card Battle Mode.

Many different kinds of cards and items are buried underneath the earth of Caballa Island.

And in order to dig them up you need drills. The diversity of depth and soil type requires you to use different types of drills. The use of cards and items in Caballa Island is truly diverse as it can be one of the basic requirements for playing the game as well as essential key for advancing to higher level. Drill System can only be experienced in Trickster and is realized through ATD (Active Time Drilling) System unique to Trickster.

Trickster has a party system that varies according to party membersí types. There are 4 different party levels and the benefits are different according to its level. Plus, Trickster also provides Party Management function. The party leader can select the way experience points are divided as well as check the current status and contribution among the members.

Different levels of Party
ROYAL Party - A party where all 4 members are of different type from one another.
TYPE Party - A party where all 4 members are of same type.
SPECIAL Party - A party which satisfies special requirement and there are many varieties.
NORMAL Party - A party with less then 4 members, or a party with one of the members in a different map.
MD5 Sum: 456cffe6eaf621ea521e224565db4453
SHA1 Sum: 0d474fa84eceeac31a1d5dfe6e606415f2d83542