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Summary: Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo Linux Server
Date: 15 Oct 07
Filename: UT3-linux-server-betademo-10132007.tar.bz2
Size: 648.4MB (679,900,430 bytes)
Downloads: 177
Last Download: 309 days ago
More info:
Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo Linux Server

Okay, here you go. The UT3 beta demo server for GNU/Linux is now available!

Please keep in mind:

- This is a BETA build. If something looks buggy, it probably is. Some
bugs are Linux-specific, some happen on Windows, too. We are interested
in hearing about them all.
- Please be sure to keep the crash data from your server's logs if you
experience a crash. You may send it to me directly (not the mailing
list, unless you want to discuss it).
- This build does not have optimizations enabled, since I want to track
down real bugs first. If you want to gauge what sort of hardware it will
need, expect it to take less for final builds.
- Most of the admin guides for the Windows server apply here, so look to
them for HOWTOs and documentation. These mailing lists are already full
of good advice, too.
MD5 Sum: f9f942d150e8751392cc4ea3339322ae
SHA1 Sum: 44e7b17532ddd7ce37ca60d0b90242309b74878d