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Summary: Age of Empires 3 Patch v1.12
Date: 19 Sep 07
Filename: aoe3-112-english.exe
Size: 20.7MB (21,709,184 bytes)
Downloads: 9230
Last Download: 21 days ago
More info:
Patch 1.12 - English
Patch 1.12 - Multiplayer Scenarios and Balance Fixes

New Features

* Added custom online scenario support for multiplayer games.
o Certain conditions, triggers and effects are usable while in ESO

Client Fixes

* Fixed some out-of-sync bugs.
* Added fixes to increase the detection of players using multiplayer hacks, cheats and out-of-sync clients in online gameplay.
* Fixed the text of some cards, units and techs.

Balance Changes

* Spanish
Rodeleros hand attack reduced by 2 and increased bonus factor versus cavalry from x3.0 to x3.5.
* Portuguese
Organ Guns improved versus buildings, siege bonus changed from x0.5 to x0.75.
* Ottoman
Abus Gun train faster, time reduced 3 seconds, 42 down from 45.
* Germany
Improve Dopplesodner unit hitpoints by 30hp.
Shipment rate improved from -14% to -10% (1.14 to 1.10)
* General Changes
Town Center wagons now build 33% faster. Train points up to 1.33 from 1.0.
Town Centers get a negative bonus versus artillery. Added x.50 factor versus siege.
Cavalry Archer improved by increasing their multiplier versus cavalry. Up to x3.0 from x2.25.
Improved Hussar, Cossack, and Uhlan ranged resistance armor by 0.10.
MD5 Sum: 0e147fe6385cd2ffd4666ea271df4a54
SHA1 Sum: 3952f5ebf1a38763744b83cbb64ecd224271af22
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