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Summary: SuperTuxKart v0.3 for Mac OS X
Date: 31 Jul 07
Filename: supertuxkart-0.3-macosx-universal.dmg.zip
Size: 96.4MB (101,069,450 bytes)
Downloads: 153
Last Download: 3012 days ago
More info: http://supertuxkart.berlios.de/index.html
SuperTuxKart is an enhanced version of TuxKart, a kart racing game, originally done by Steve Baker, featuring Tux and a bunch of his friends. SuperTuxKart is the work of the GotM run for TuxKart at happypenguin.org. It was recently picked up by a new pair of maintainers.

Basically, you run a certain number of laps and try to be faster than your opponents. Power ups, like accelerator, rockets, can help you to achieve this goal. By collecting coins you build up your power, which enables you to get more power ups whenever you collect one. The arrow- shaped red and black 'zippers' on the track will give you a quick speedup
MD5 Sum: ddb2d5e8de94dd29d2c78a489a9c4993
SHA1 Sum: bb0348b404bc78c2c1f106b1dff36f873bb343d4