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Summary: GunZ: The Duel Client
Date: 04 Nov 08
Filename: GunzInstaller.exe
Size: 210.7MB (220,926,964 bytes)
Downloads: 239288
Last Download: 255 days ago
More info: http://gunz.ijji.com
GunZ is in some ways very similar to other widely available FPS games. However, it also contains elements that are totally unique.

GunZ allows the game's characters freedom of movement like console games or the actors in action movies. Scale walls, somersault through the air and leap over obstacles. Use guns and swords to engage your enemies in combat. GunZ is all about realistic fighting and agile movement.

The battles unfolds not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns and even the statues. You can step on, run on, and jump off the walls and columns making use of a variety of skillful actions. Experience and create an all new strategic play with GunZ!

Customize Your Own Unique Character

GunZ has a variety of character models from which you can choose. Customize your character with a wide assortment of clothing and accessory items depending on your own personal tastes. Once you've outfitted your avatar, its will have its own special look. GunZ supports a total of 12 item slots per character, which allows players to fully customize their chosen avatars.

A Variety of Weapons and Items

Select weapons in addition to clothing and accessories. Choose your weapons and then join the battle. Face your enemy with the knowledge that you are equipped with a variety of arms. Choose from pistols, rifles, dual wield guns, machine guns and more!

There are also many weapons available for close quarters combat. Use a long sword to suspend yourself from a wall or propel an enemy skyward. If daggers are more your style, sneak up and stab your enemy from behind. All weapons are available in a variety of designs and colors, so you can coordinate the weapons with your specially created look.

Additional Game Play

The world of GunZ continues to expand every day. As an action game with a role playing twist, GunZ will continue to introduce additional diverse and interesting role-playing elements rather than simply offering more level-up opportunities for the players.

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