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Summary: Urban Terror v4.0 [zip]
Date: 02 Apr 07
Filename: UrbanTerror40_full.zip
Size: 534.9MB (560,835,549 bytes)
Downloads: 5124
Last Download: 969 days ago
More info: http://www.urbanterror.net/
4.0 Notable Changes
* No longer depends on any Quake 3 Arena assets.
* New player models/skins
* New player animations
* New hitdetection
* Ingame Stats
* Banning using a banlist.txt (IP-based)
* Powerslide introduced
* Goomba Stomping introduced
* Hot Potato Feature introduced
* Vote system overhauled
* Menus overhauled
* New weapon skins (Spas/G36)
* Sprinting is faster now
* Hitsound
* Being able to set the next map introduced
* Muting of players introduced
* Veto'ing of votes introduced
* Player armbands introduced
* Funstuff introduced
* Maps updated and added - from minor tweaks to complete overhauls (see map list for new maps)
* Tac-Goggles overhauled
* Damage Values updated
* UMP now has 30 bullets instead of 25 and a spammode instead of burst. 3 bullets, very quickly in a row each time you shoot.
* Spas fires quicker, but has less bullets
* Negev is like a mp5k with 90 bullets now, no more stamina reduction.
* Bullets now penetrate arms/legs to hit head/torso if they're in the way.
* New Frozen Sand introduction graphics
* protection versus the name 'all'.
* Players can't look around while game is paused anymore
* Added ability to become captain when old captain is 999.
* TK auto-kick message updated
* Loading screen progress indicator
* NVG look changed

4.0 Cvars/Commands
* com_hunkmegs now defaults at 256
* gamename = q3ut4
* g_modversion = 4.0

Client side
* Overbrightbits/MapOverBrightBits/fastsky/lightmap/muzzleflash locked
* FPS capped at 125
* Position of text when using cg_drawcrosshairnamestype 1 changed to not colide with team overlay
* 'raceblue' and 'racered' instead of 'race'
* 'cg_hitsound' turns on/off hitsound
* 'funred' and 'funblue' to set funstuff.
* 'cg_rgb' sets your armband/minimap/scoreboard color, if server allows it

Server side
* Server now echos when changing certain cvars, which it didn't do before (bombexplodetime for example)
* Removed/shortened cvars from infostring to decrease chance of 'info string length exceeded' warnings
* 'mute' to mute a clientnumber
* 'veto' to let a vote fail
* addip/removeip to ban/unban IP addresses. Can also use clientnumber to ban someone.
* g_hotpotato sets number of minutes of stand-off before hotpotato kicks in (0=off)
* g_allowvote values changed. Check http://www.urbanterror.net/allowvote_calc.html
* g_nextmap lets you set the next map
* g_armbands added. 0=let player decide armband color 1=force red/blue 2=assign random color to players
* g_redwaverespawndelay changed to g_redwave and g_bluewaverespawndelay to g_bluewave
* g_survivorroundtime = g_roundtime now
* g_captureandholdtime changed to g_cahtime
* g_surivorrounddelay = gone

4.0 Map List
ut4_ambush - Masheen
ut4_crossing - Masheen
ut4_firingrange - Hybridesque
ut4_mandolin - Null
ut4_sanctuary - Sinny
ut4_toxic - Duf Knien
MD5 Sum: 4aec86405b548b041686f92eb584cbf9
SHA1 Sum: e9d7623b1f37471019914536d969f4bf02b6e26e
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