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Summary: Emergence of the Sith Star Wars Fan Movie
Date: 16 Sep 02
Size: 113.6MB (119,148,862 bytes)
Downloads: 1229
Last Download: 2953 days ago
More info:
Story: After learning about an illegal spice refining operation, the Republic has dispatched Padawan Learner Subo Dai on his first mission to the planet Xerxes. Once there, Subo Dai, aided by Bothan field agent Hwai Zark , confirms that there is indeed an illegal operation by the Black Sun crime organization. As Subo Dai tries to relay this information to his Jedi Master, Shinn Din Kada, he and the Bothan are attacked on the planet and a fierce battle ensues. It is a fight between good and evil in a struggle for power over the Trade Federation.
MD5 Sum: c4dcfaf37ef4e8b011a1b533da4943dd
SHA1 Sum: 38e99d7abb468adcf474ca92171801665ad1b80c