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Summary: Age of Pirates: Caribbean Patch v1.5
Date: 19 Dec 06
Filename: aop_15.exe
Size: 61.9MB (64,890,474 bytes)
Downloads: 3296
Last Download: 256 days ago
More info:

Please note that this patch is only compatible with Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales Version 1.41 or 1.42. If you have installed patch 1.43, we would recommend uninstalling the game first, then reinstalling from the game disc before installing patch 1.5. All savegames from previous versions are compatible with version 1.5.

Prior to Installing the Game
Before attempting to install Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales, please verify that your computer meets system requirements.
1. Minimum Specifications and Controls

Windows XP, DirectX 9.0c
Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent
256 MB RAM
DirectX 9 GeForce 3 (not MX-series) class video card with 128 MB RAM DirectX-compatible soundcard
4 GB of hard drive space
Keyboard, mouse

Suggested Configuration:

Windows XP, DirectX 9.0c
Pentium IV 2.5 GHz or equivalent
DirectX 9 GeForce 6600 class video card
DirectX-compatible soundcard
4 GB of hard drive space
Keyboard, mouse

Update 1.5 Updates and Fixes
Please note that patch 1.5 is a combination of patch 1.42 and further updates.

>>>Specific to patch 1.42
1. The FMOD sound system library has been updated to increase stability and improve general game performance.
2. Bug fixing has been performed across the more prominent gameplay issues.
3. Compatibility with ATI Radeon graphics driver versions has been expanded.
4. Texturing has been added to the island vegetation, with improved Level of Detail.

>>>Specific to patch 1.43
1. Final updates made to FMOD sound system library to polish final game performance and reduce occurrences of instability.
2. Final fixes to game interfaces (shipyard, capture ship, ships speak, etc.).
3. Items/Quest Generation updated to be more efficient (algorithm reworked).
4. Colony Capture interface was fully redesigned for more usability.
5. Scripts opened for modding. Players can mod almost all aspects of game (creating new quests, changing interfaces and so on).

>>>Specific to patch 1.5
1. Save game compatibility updated.

Installing the Patch
1. Ensure that version 1.41 or 1.42 of Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales has been installed on your PC successfully.
2. Run the patch executable by double clicking on the file.
3. If requested, restart your PC.
4. Ensure your game disc is in your DVD-ROM drive.
5. Launch the title as normal (by double-clicking on the desktop icon, or select Age of Pirates - Caribbean tales from the Programs menu).

Uninstalling the Patch
Patch 1.5 is removed during a regular uninstallation of the title.
MD5 Sum: ec69ed73eedf0e7be8b00fb6d5fc1459
SHA1 Sum: eac8629186cd99f051d61e00d595a01e383fcab3
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