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Summary: Survival Project v3.5 Client [2006-11-14]
Date: 17 Nov 06
Filename: SurvivalProject_v3.5_20061114.exe
Size: 210.6MB (220,780,144 bytes)
Downloads: 20589
Last Download: 2816 days ago
More info: http://www.survival.com.my/
Survival Project: Eternal Heroes

Calling all Heroes!

The world of Survival Project is in need of a few good men and women to uphold justice and peace. The wicked Red Dragon is spreading his dark influence with his foul lava creation from within his volcanic lair. Balrog the Fallen Angel plots to unleash his vendetta upon the living with his horde of undead beings deep in his underground sanctuary. Dark Fairy of the Unknown Forest is staging an invasion with the fearsome army of Goblins and Orcs.

We need all the help we can get to keep the world a safe and peaceful place to live in. Two new heroes have joined in the effort: Lucy the Water element Priestess; her healing ability will be a life saver in many battles and a welcome addition to any party of heroes. Will the Wind element Dark Elf; his mastery over wind allows him to fly and his skills in dark magic give him the ability to plant magical traps. The world is now divided into 3 different channels: Beginner, Hero and Epic instead of the previous 6. Heroes will need to travel along all 3 channels to find and defeat the wicked Red Dragon, the unholy Balrog or the vile Dark Fairy.

Several new game modes have been added to let heroes relax or hone their fighting skills. Near the snowman's frozen lake, an ice rink has been build to house the Ice Hockey mode. The mode can hold up to 8 heroes and new heroes can join in anytime. Big Match mode has 2 new updates; Big Match Auto Team and Big Match Death Match. Instead of the free-for-all Big Match Survival, the 2 new game modes pit 2 teams of heroes against each other for the glory of defeating the opposing team. There are still more new features included in Survival Project: Eternal Heroes which is not listed here. It is up you the brave heroes to discover.
MD5 Sum: e1490f8b3edb9ae10ddcd55d2d539b7d
SHA1 Sum: 69dd7b47bb12aae00598b1008e82b41ac08dc893