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Summary: Star Wars: Empire At War Patch v1.04
Date: 17 May 06
Filename: eawupdate1_4.exe
Size: 22.7MB (23,772,262 bytes)
Downloads: 971
Last Download: 533 days ago
More info:
Star Wars: Empire at War by Petroglyph Games - retail v1.04 patch

Installation: After downloading the update, double click on EAWUpdate1_4.exe to install. The installer will automatically search for the folder where you originally installed STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR and install the update. If the update does not locate STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR on your system, you may need to reinstall the game and then run EAWUpdate1_4.exe again.

For PC: 1.04 update

Posted: 05/15/06

This update addresses the following:

New Content

- Players can now play on maps made with the STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR editor. NOTE: The Editor is available through a separate download.
- Support added for auto-downloading of custom maps. Players who need to download a custom map in order to play in a particular game will automatically download that map when joining the game.

General Bug Fixes

- Corrected several issues related to spaces being used in player names
- Corrected issue for player's getting kicked from a game due to the game host clicking on their name
- Corrected an issue for missing Japanese characters in the disconnect screen

General Balancing Changes

- Reduced the accuracy of corvettes (both Empire and Rebel) vs. fighters/bombers by 15%
- Reduced Corellian Corvette shield health by 10%
- Increased shield strength of Corellian Gunship by 15%
- Reduced Corellian Gunship hit points by 15%
- Corvette class ships (both Empire and Rebel) now do slightly less damage to mining facilities
- Accuser tractor beam now holds Corvettes and Frigates in place
- Imperial Star Destroyer tractor beam now reduces frigate and corvette speed by 85%
- Adjusted Empire space station shield generator hit points to be balanced properly with the Rebel space station shield generator hit points at all tech levels.
- Increased shield generator hit points on Rebel and Empire level 4-5 stations by 100 points
- AT-AT's now do 15% damage to T4B's
- SPMA-T's now do 15% more damage to T2-B tanks, T4-B Tanks, turrets and structures
- Reduced T4-B rocket damage by 25%

Space Tactical Changes

- Rebellion now starts with 2 X-wing squads instead of 3
- Imperial Star Destroyer's price has been reduced to 5000 credits, down from 5200 credits
- Accuser's price has been reduced to 5800 credits, down from 6200 credits
- Nebulon B Frigates now do 20% less damage to mining asteroids and space defense satellites
- Redesigned mining asteroid layout on Bothan Frenzy map
- Resized Battle over Geonosis map
- Acclamator's price has been increased to 2350 credits, up from 2200 credits
- Acclamator build speed increased from 15 to 18 seconds
- Corellian Corvette and Tartan Cruiser damage reduced vs. mining facilities by 15%
- Fixed Rebel starting unit spawn issue on map "Alderaan Defense"
- Corrected an issue where capital ships would be invisible during space combat

Land Tactical Changes

- Corrected an issue with Turrets shooting at the ground on the Corellian Countdown map
- Heavy Reflective armor (level 1) upgrade is now available at Tech level 2
- Level 1 Rebel Combat Armor price has been increased to 700 credits, up from 450 credits
- Level 2 Rebel Combat Armor price has been increased to 875 credits, up from 675 credits
- Level 1 Rebel T4B Firepower upgrade price has been increased to 1000 credits, up from 700 credits
- Level 1 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade build speed increased from 20 to 25 seconds
- Level 2 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade build speed increased from 25 to 35 seconds
- Level 2 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade price increased from 1100 to 1450 credits
MD5 Sum: 0b066ead575aa83b167ec18323ce335b
SHA1 Sum: 897bd401188199e3749905d22bd06351dbccd3b2