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Summary: Act of War High Treason Patch #1b
Date: 03 May 06
Filename: actofwar_high_treason_patch1b.exe
Size: 175.1MB (183,624,666 bytes)
Downloads: 1127
Last Download: 326 days ago
More info:
Act of War: High Treason by Eugen Systems - US retail patch #1b


The "Modding Tool" is an advanced tool allowing you to change the models and textures in the game, alter their atributes, and save your changes to share with others -- essentially creating a modified version of the game (a "mod").

- Instructions can be found in the file "High Treason Editor Instructions.pdf".

- Some documentation is still in French, stay tuned...


Both the Map Editor and the Modding tool are released as "unofficial, non-supported goodies", to be used at your own risk, and without any warranties from Atari or Eugen Systems that everything will work... Of course we'll do our best to help out if you experience any issues or need assistance, but basically these tools are released as "freebies" for the community, to be utilized and supported by the community. For this purpose, Eugen Systems have created a Wiki section on their web site where you can share ideas and tips, and a dedicated forum on modding. //wiki knowledge base //Modding forum

Thanks for your understanding!


- Miscellaneous performance improvements, particularly on lower-end systems
- Fixed a bug that would cause the physics simulation to slow down in some cases
- Fixed the rotor placement on the NYPD helicopters
- Restored the 640x480 support for low end graphics hardware
- Added support for alternate screen ratios
- Improved pathfinding for naval units


- With the "Hostage Ransom" upgrade, the Grizzly team medics would remove money from their owners when rescuing allied units
- TFT Buggies with Advanced Stinger upgrade will now fire on cruise missiles with their AA missiles, not their machine gun
- Fixed glitch in the way the Grizzly team mercenaries work. Now, each team member can only use his power once as per design.
- Comanches cannot attack servants anymore
- Tankers will no longer gain Experience
- Capturing a prisoner with the "Hostage Ransom" upgrade could reduce the opponent under $0, at which point the player would have been wrongly detected as a cheater
- Scud Launcher can no longer be loaded in a V44 or in a Sleeper Cell
- Comanche and Apache cannot fire on ADAV planes anymore
- Losing the Mercenary Helicopter will no longer trigger the cheat detector when you go into negative cash
- Ships and submarines cannot use their sonar anymore while being repaired
- Ships are now revealed only when they launch a cruise missile (Tomahawk or Harpoon), not when attacking with their artillery cannon, CWIS or SAM launchers


- In rare situations, some buildings were restored incorrectly when loading a saved game
- Watching some replays to the end would crash the game if the user didn't first enter the Engagement, LAN or Online menu
- Loading a saved Engagement game would crash at the end if the user didn't first enter the Engagement, LAN or Online menu
- Replays with naval units corrected
- Fixed issue which caused game to crash when firing a Wolverine or a Mjolnir howitzer on the launcher itself
- Game will now correctly clean up all units belonging to a player who loses, surrenders or disconnects (which also could allow you to capture his units infinitely.)
- Game would always display the lowest ranking for all players
- Game would display an incorrect number of disconnects for players who never played a ladder game
- Only games played in the War Room will now affect the player ranking
- Invisible helicopter bug in network games is fixed (still visible in old game replays.)
- When possible, map names are translated when playing in LAN or ONLINE mode
- Miscellaneous text clean-ups
- It should be easier to select a dock when building a shipyard
- Various clean-ups with EFV effects for Spinner launchers and V44s
- Various graphics fixes for the Nuke Truck
- The "fill up bar" of Tankers wasn't displayed properly
- An upgraded A-10 now drops two bombs instead of four
- Game would sometimes crash when ships are created
- Ships cannot attack themselves anymore
- Constructors sometimes repaired a shipyard from a distance
- Graphical glitches when launching an airstrike with laser guided bombs fixed
- Game would sometimes crash when getting back to the main menu while an Autosave window is displayed ingame
- Some units had incorrect voice over feedback
- T-80 tank would incorrectly play a missile launcher sound while firing
- TFT tanker would briefly display as a CST tanker when destroyed
MD5 Sum: d26e49a6fa6f2ec4af4d704cc52b0f43
SHA1 Sum: 9ad80c65a66cdc8816a8cef36a6c2f8226447a8b