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Summary: Act of War High Treason "Navy Invaders" Mod
Date: 26 Apr 06
Filename: navyinvaders_1-1-0.exe
Size: 5.4MB (5,688,933 bytes)
Downloads: 581
Last Download: 199 days ago
More info: http://www.atari.com/actofwar/
Act of War: High Treason by Eugen Systems - Navy Invaders mod

The Navy Invaders Mod allows you to pit your naval strategic genius against one or more A.I. opponents trying to destroy your base with hordes of aggressive warships!

Select any of the 10 available Navy maps, and assign an A.I. difficulty to each available player slot.

There's no base building or resource management in this mod. You will start the game with a Shipyard, which can build only naval units. (Amphibious ships can however build ground troops, and carriers can build aircraft.)

You earn money at regular intervals, just as if you occupied a bank, and on maps with banks you can also capture these if you have access to amphibious units that can deploy infantry.

The objective is to destroy the enemy shipyards -- as soon as a player's shipyard is destroyed, he's out of the game. Note that Shipyards autoheal themselves, but can't be repaired otherwise.

Under the Options tab, you can adjust the A.I. increasing attack rate between Constant, Slow, Linear and Exponential, depending on your desired difficulty level. Note that with the Slow, Linear, and Exponential options, very likely your objective will be to survive for as long as possible...
MD5 Sum: fafecf9c3b907cc8702a2d277c014fa9
SHA1 Sum: e321ed71b049f8ab66b4f36cf4dce3c05fb49957