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Summary: Star Wars: Empire At War Patch v1.03
Date: 22 Mar 06
Filename: eawupdate1_3.exe
Size: 24.1MB (25,268,187 bytes)
Downloads: 3386
Last Download: 1244 days ago
More info:
For PC: 1.03 update

Posted: 03/21/06

This update addresses the following:

New Content

- Added new Multiplayer Land Skirmish map "Corellian Countdown"
- Added new 43 Planet Multiplayer Campaign Map "Lines are Drawn"

General Issues

- Corrected several text issues including the removal of references to the Venator and missing text.
- Corrected an issue that allowed Empire Heroes to be placed on the Death Star.
- Corrected an issue that allowed multiple turrets to be built on the same build pad.
- Corrected an issue that caused AT-AT's to become stuck when deploying troops over build pads.
- Corrected an issue where AT-AT's would stop moving when tow cabled by Rebel Speeders allowing players to stop the unit from suffering a successful tow cable attack.
- Corrected an issue in which the Death Star could be sold.

Multiplayer Issues

- Added an "ignore" button to the Internet lobby - Ignored player chat is not seen in any Internet dialog, and Ignored players are shown in a different color in the player list.
- Corrected several issues that caused quick match to hang indefinitely.
- Corrected an issue where quick match would connect more than 2 players to a game resulting in a sync error.
- Added "Quality Lights" to the game setup screen to indicate connection performance between players. Detailed ToolTips will also display when the mouse cursor is hovering over the "quality" lights.
- Added a "test connections" button to the game lobby that allows players to test out their connections with other players in a match before starting.
- GameSpy Arena 1v1 Space Skirmish, 1v1 Land Skirmish and 1v1 Campaign ladders have been reset due to several stat exploit corrections that have been made.
- Corrected an issue that caused CD-Keys to become invalid when playing on Limited-User Windows profiles.
- Corrected an issue for missing map names in the Multiplayer Lobby.
- Victory movies can now be skipped in multiplayer games.
- Corrected an issue where player count would display incorrect information like 59/2 when a game is first listed.
- Corrected several general connectivity issues with multiplayer improving connectivity performance.
- Client player in a match is now allowed to change color/faction after pressing accept.
- Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.
- Changed light up buttons to check marks in the Host Game Setup menu.

Balance Issues

- Improved targeting priority for AI when fighting Star Destroyers.
- Increased the tractor beam hard point health from 100 to 150 for Star Destroyers.
- Increased the Garrison spawn time from 15 seconds to 25 Seconds for most buildings.

NOTE: this update includes all previous updates for Empire at War

For PC: 1.02 update

Posted: 02/17/06

This update addresses the following:
-Corrected an issue with server disconnection.

For PC: 1.01 update

Posted: 02/16/06

This update addresses the following:

General Issues
- Corrected an issue that could prevent progress past mission 4 in the Rebel Campaign.
- Added AI improvements for Land Control games.
- Corrected an issue to count troop transports towards unit cap in space tactical battles.
- Improved AI to move units within firing range when using Tractor Beam/Proton beam weapons.
- Corrected an issue where proton torpedoes would ignore hardpoints when applying damage.
- Corrected an issue in tutorial mission 5 that caused hint Voice Overs to stop repeating if the reinforcements objective has not been completed.
- Corrected multiple text and voice issues in Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Polish versions of the game.
- Corrected an issue that prevented two Force-sensitive heroes from targeting the same building.
- Corrected an issue that caused ground troops to be destroyed in space tactical battles when using Auto-Resolve.
- Corrected an issue that prevented enemy units from displaying their team color in the mini-map.
- Corrected an issue with the magnapulse cannon that required double-clicking in order to target enemies.
- Corrected a collision issue with Land Skirmish map "Clash on Tatooine" that allowed units to fire through the terrain.
- Disabled Save/Load functionality when in tutorial missions.
- Corrected an issue that allowed AI to use Luke Skywalker's special ability without waiting for the recharge timer.
- Corrected multiple issues with the cinematic camera.
- Corrected an issue that allowed the Interdictor Cruiser's Gravity Well to remain active after it was destroyed.
- Corrected an issue that prevented multiple units from using the Barrage ability on the same target.
- Corrected an issue that allowed the Death Star to fire after a tactical battle completed.

Performance Issues
- Corrected performance issues with particle effects.
- Improved path-finding and collision for troop transports in space maps.
- Corrected performance issues caused by ToolTips in tactical battles.
- Improved load times.

Graphics Issues
- Corrected an issue with the shadow mesh for X-wings.
- Improved accuracy for auto-detection of graphics Detail Level.
- Corrected an issue that did not pause the demo-attract cutscenes behind full-screen menus.
- Corrected a sizing issue with ToolTips in menu screens after changing the Video Resolution.
- Corrected issues with the Fog-of-War in the Collector's Edition bonus maps.
- Adjusted the tactical camera for widescreen aspect ratios.

Multiplayer Issues
- Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.
- Disabled the Fast Forward and Play buttons in Multiplayer games.
- Corrected an issue that caused Game Speed settings to revert to defaults when changing modes in Multiplayer.
- Corrected a crash issue caused by clients joining a game without selecting the same map as the host.
- Corrected multiple issues that caused text to word wrap in Multiplayer screens and menus.
- Added a message in the lobby to inform clients when they were missing maps for some hosted games.
- Corrected Save/Load issues in Multiplayer Campaign games.
- Added a message box to state when players leave Galactic mode in Multiplayer Campaign games.
- Corrected an issue that prevented double-clicking to select all of a unit type in Multiplayer games.
- Corrected an issue that allowed two players to use the same player color.
- Corrected an issue that allowed the droid log to retain information from previous Multiplayer games.
- Corrected an issue that caused players to lose Skirmish battles when a different player would quit the game.
- Corrected an issue that caused custom game names to display incorrectly.
- Corrected an issue that caused the mini-map to appear black after completing successive Multiplayer games.
- Corrected an issue that allowed too many AI units in Multiplayer games.

Balance Issues
- Updated Tech Level build times for Command Centers
o Tech 2:
. Previous Build Time 40 seconds
. New Build Time: 60 seconds
o Tech 3:
. Previous Build Time 50seconds
. New Build Time: 85 seconds
- Updated Tech Level 3 costs for Command Centers
o Previous Cost: 3800
o New Cost: 4000
- Reduced the amount of time that Force Corrupt will affect vehicles.
o Previous Time: 120 seconds
o New Time: 90 seconds
- Reduced fighter laser damage against capital ship and space station shields.
- Reduced damage caused by AT-ST units against infantry.
- Increased the cost of AT-ST units in Skirmish games.
- Increased the recharge timer for the Millennium Falcon's special ability.
- Reduced Millennium Falcon's shields and health.
- Increased the cost of Emperor Palpatine in Skirmish Multiplayer games.
- Increased the cost of Colonel Veers in Multiplayer games.
- Adjusted the radius and recharge timer for Colonel Veers' special ability.
- Increased Vader's TIE Advanced fighter to have 50% more health and double the firepower.
- Increased the amount of shield damage caused by the larger ion cannons.
- Increased the health for Mineral extractors.
- Increased Anti-Aircraft damage against Airspeeders.
- Reduced AT-AA damage against infantry.
- Increased the rotation speed for the turret of AT-AA units.
- Corrected an issue with Fighter damage verses armor.
- Increased the health of Darth Vader's escort fighters.
- Increased the amount of damage Obi-wan does to buildings.
- Increased the cost and build time of missile cruisers.
- Decreased the amount of damage to turrets, vehicles, and buildings caused by Airspeeders.
- Corrected an issue that prevented Colonel Veers from being vulnerable to the cable attack.
- Increased the recharge timer for Red squadron's lucky shot.
MD5 Sum: 35141712b24217a7de0761868f39ff8e
SHA1 Sum: d6930450254f2a78994d1a6db68a704d8f1538d3