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Summary: Act of War High Treason Demo
Date: 10 Mar 06
Filename: act_of_war_high_treason_demo.exe
Size: 752.2MB (788,728,371 bytes)
Downloads: 82
Last Download: 12 days ago
More info: http://www.atari.com/actofwar/
Act of War High Treason Demo Contents:

SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN MISSIONS ("OPERATION"): this demo contains missions 9, 10
and 11 of the 34-mission campaign. Follow Sergeant Oz and Sergeant Major Jefferson
as they infiltrate the base of a renegade elite unit of the US Army Special Forces.

SKIRMISH MODE ("ENGAGEMENT"): you can play single-player skirmish games against the
A.I. using new and old units of the Task Force Talon. Three maps are available for
2-4 players.

LAN AND ONLINE MODES: play 2-4 player multiplayer games against friends and enemies
on three different maps. One naval map is available for the Naval combat mode.

NAVAL UNITS: in LAN and ONLINE modes, select the "Navy" game mode to try out the all
new Naval battles!

FACTIONS: only Task Force Talon is featured in this demo, with all units except
Tactical Weapons ("superweapons") and Future Force Warriors. Official and Unofficial
Mercenaries are available in the demo, but not Illegal.
MD5 Sum: a4e6e99b634e468c76321f818e4daaba
SHA1 Sum: 9c9ca059d8ae4f36b37d46ba0db4e964b6cd2796
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