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Summary: 3DMark2000 v1.1
Date: 24 Nov 05
Filename: 3dmark2000v11.exe
Size: 19.1MB (20,007,579 bytes)
Downloads: 191
Last Download: 53 days ago
More info: http://www.futuremark.com/download/?3dmark2000.s...

3DMark2000 is the latest installment in the popular 3DMark series which is used by a myriad of magazines and web sites worldwide for evaluating 3D performance. With completely new graphics, 3DMark2000 continues to provide benchmark results that empower you to make informed upgrade decisions by offering DirectX7 support, including T&L, and delivering the game content of tomorrow - today
MD5 Sum: eb025480a0ee5665bddcbda716c67f73
SHA1 Sum: 7fa48d56464ef3ad03f746dffa851cef276e29ff