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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 66
Date: 17 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode66_LoRes.mov
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We return to Zanzibar beach as Church tries to give some last minute advise and parting words to Tucker and the rest of the quest-team before they begin their trip. We learn also that Tex apparently has a strong attraction to masculine objects, whether it was Tucker's energy sword, or the alien's rather muscular naked body. Church does attempt to say some encouraging words to Tucker, but that fails as Tucker frustrates Church's attempts. As the team leaves, Church remarks that he was surprised that Tex didn't go with the rest of the group as quests usually have a goal of riches or power at the end of them. As he finishes his sentence, he assumes correctly that Tex has disappeared.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons decided to take Grif back to his blue base as a hostage. After some prodding from Grif about not being properly treated as a hostage (in other words... Simmons wasn't kicking his butt as a hostage taker), Simmons begins to let go of his anger towards Grif. Simmons even decides to push Grif into what he thought was a hole, but it only turns out to be a teleporter that keeps putting Grif behind Simmons. The episode ends with Simmons getting frustrated each time he shoves Grif into the hole.
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