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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 65
Date: 17 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode65_LoRes.mov
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On Zanzibar's beach, Tucker finds himself as an involuntary sword-bearer as he is forced to partake of a sacred quest that has some resembles to LOTR. After the alien explains the lands that he and Tucker will travel through, Church informs Tucker (the sword-bearer) that Caboose (the wizard), Andy (the stealthy archer), and the alien (the healer or eater) will be the team that goes out on this quest. Though this quest is pretty much a suicide mission, Tucker does warn Church that he better hope that Tucker doesn't die... or he will be forced to take care of Tucker's children (possibily he means his descendents).

While at Blood Gulch, Simmons' attack on the Red Base continues. Unfortunately, Simmons has been so indoctrinated with his hatred of the Blues that all of his insults and attack orders always have the words Red and Blue mixed up. He even notes that directing his anger toward the Reds was a lot harder than he thought. Though Simmons wasn't crazy earlier in the season, this episode is clearly highlighting that Simmons' mental stability is collasping as his attack of the Reds continue. Grif, still watching Simmons and Sheila fire upon the Red Base, convinces Simmons to come back to the Red Base. Grif's reasons may be purely selfish, but eventually Simmons admits he misses the old days. However, just as he is about to go back to the Reds, Sarge sees that Simmons has painted his armor mostly blue and is unable to accept him back. For Sarge, he can understand many things, even the reasons for attacking one's own base out of anger, but to see one of his former soldiers wear the colors of the Blues, is something he never expected...esp. Simmons. This turn of events unfortunately may very well push Simmons over the edge.
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