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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 64
Date: 16 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode64_LoRes.mov
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At Zanzibar, we find Tex and Church arguing over whether to let Andy the Bomb translate what the alien is saying. Church is concerned that Andy's lack of manners could upset the alien even further. Eventually, Church relents and agrees to this arrangement out of his curiosity of what could happen. Humorously, during this whole conversation the alien is stilling beating Tucker to a pulp.

We move back to Blood Gulch and find that the Reds are fracturing even more as Donut is unsuccessful in asking Grif to return to their base. For Grif, he believes that Sarge wants him back at the base so he can do more menial work instead of eating ice cream...which ironically is what Sarge wanted him to do! We also find Simmons(now painted mostly blue) actually playing out his vengence on the Reds. At first he wanted to cause the Reds to be jealous of him, but in the end, he orders Sheila to attack the Red base.

At Zanzibar, Andy is able to translate that the alien came to retrieve the energy sword that Tucker found. It was part of the sacred quest that he was on, but now that Tucker found the sword and that he is the only one who can activate it(which explains why Tex couldn't turn the sword on when she stole it from Tucker), he and Tucker have to go on the quest. If Tucker refuses, the alien will destroy the base and slaughter everyone in it. With no other option, it looks like Tucker has no choice but to agree to this quest.
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