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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 63
Date: 16 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode63_LoRes.mov
Size: 29.4MB (30,778,830 bytes)
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More info: http://rvb.roosterteeth.com/archive/episode.php?...
The episode opens up again at the Zanzibar fortress as Tucker and Caboose are attempting to teach english to the alien. Church & Tucker get into a small debate on whether they should teach the alien English or learn his language. Tucker is convinced that they should teach the alien english and even had created some visual aids (TUCKER-tu-ck-er, MONEY-mo-ney, and GIVE TUCKER MONEY) to help the alien understand. As it turns out, Tucker was able to get the writing supplies from Caboose's gun which apparently contained cranyons instead of bullets, but Tucker needs to cut them, so he activates his plasma sword. Unfortunately, the alien jumps and attacks Tucker once it sees Tucker activate the sword. Despite Tucker's cries for help, Church watches the alien as it attacks Tucker, in order to evaluate the alien's fighting style.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons is at the Blue base with Sheila close by. He attempts to contact the Red Base, but is greeted with Donut on the line, who tries to impersonate an auto-response system. Simmons attempts to get Sarge on the line, but Donut, under instructions from an off-screen Sarge, denies Simmons from communicating with Sarge, even after he informed Donut that he had captured the Blue Base and Sheila. Eventually Donut hangs up on Simmons, but not before letting Simmons know that he really enjoys his new job as Sarge's right hand man. Apparently this was the last straw for Simmons as he declares that he will kill all the Reds and tells Sheila to lock and load.

Finally, we return to Zanzibar to find Tex talking with Andy the Bomb. Tex, through some bluffing & mild threats of blowing up Andy with a remote detonator (which didn't exist since Tex told Sarge that the bomb only had a countdown timer in Episode 49 & that she had no control over the bomb), convinces him to help her translate what the alien is saying. This, however, doesn't stop Andy from making rude jokes about Tex acting more male than female. (Surprisedly, Tex is apparently able to carry Andy for a bit, even though he is the same bomb that she couldn't lift off the ground before, in which Caboose was then given the task.)
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