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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 62
Date: 15 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode62_LoRes.mov
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At the Zanzibar fortress, Church asks Gary if he can translate the alien's "speech" for them. Gary reveals the alien's race were his creators, but unfortunately he knows virtually nothing about its race because he was programmed entirely with knowledge of the Shisno. The Blues continue to try translating what the alien is saying, and eventually reach the conclusion that the alien's name might be Honk Honk. Church even believes that he figured out that *blarg* means yes in the alien's language, though Tex argues that it could also mean no. Meanwhile at Blood Gulch, the Reds continue Sarge's right-hand-man contest, which Donut ultimately wins. Simmons has become despondent and suicidal, and Sheila (whom Simmons believes is a figment of his imagination) tries to cheer him up by leading him back to her home, a reconstructed Blue base. Sheila reveals that she has lost many of her memories due to circuit degradation over the years. She knows that her final mission was to protect Blood Gulch from the enemy of the Blues, and though she has forgotten their identity, she vaguely remembers it was an army of a different color. Simmons, immediately realizing that his life is in danger, unsuccessfully tries to convince Sheila that the enemy was monkey space pirate cowboy ninjas who were trying to round up some cattle.
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