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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 60
Date: 14 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode60_LoRes.mov
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Simmons tries to convince Sarge that he did see a tank behind him. Donut agrees, but Sarge disregards his testimony because he is "impressionable", and Grif simply denies it in order to make Simmons look bad. Meanwhile, the Blues insult each other over their previous panicked, wild fire attack on the alien. Tex decides to go in alone and dashes into the complex while the rest debate Church's heroism (or lack thereof). Upon entering the complex, Tex is immediately cut down and re-appears in ghost form. Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons and Donut get into a fistfight/hijacking match over the hovercraft, which Simmons wants to use to find the tank. Believing that Simmons has gone insane, Sarge actually promotes Grif to his "Number Two" man, but Grif quickly loses the position due to his usual laziness. On the Blue side, Tucker suggests that Caboose goes into the complex and speak to the alien. Church likes the idea, because he and Tex can sneak in and retreive their bodies while the alien is chewing on Caboose. Caboose enters, sees Andy the bomb, and asks whether he has seen the alien. He doesn't finish his sentence as he sees the alien's shadow on the ground.
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