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Summary: Red vs Blue Episode 59
Date: 14 Nov 05
Filename: RvB_Episode59_LowRes.mov
Size: 28.4MB (29,738,963 bytes)
Downloads: 29
Last Download: 36 days ago
More info: http://rvb.roosterteeth.com/archive/episode.php?...
In Blood Gulch, the Red Team is taking potshots at Grif with their sniper rifles in order to get him to stop screaming. Grif eventually relents, and the team prepare to investigate their old base. Sarge gives a speech about alertness, completely oblivious to the fact Sheila the Tank is driving around behind him. Meanwhile, the Blue Team prepares to hunt the Elite. Church asks Andy the Bomb if he's seen the alien, but Andy just continues to insult the Blues. Suddenly, the Blues spot the alien, causing them to panic, fire wildly, and run away (all except for Caboose, who simply asks "did we win?"). The episode ends with Andy laughing and poking fun at the Blues sudden retreat.
MD5 Sum: 3166de1649e727d92e124c23540d6898
SHA1 Sum: 07200a9f55ce4084840c46408712ba2fd8c4cef7