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Summary: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Multiplayer Trailer
Date: 25 Oct 05
Filename: GTALCS_3_480x360.mov
Size: 12.4MB (12,982,245 bytes)
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More info: http://www.rockstargames.com/libertycitystories/
In 2001, millions of PlayStation 2 owners were introduced to the sights, sounds, people, and perils of Liberty City...
the worst place in America.

Chauffeuring Misty, carving persona non grata status for yourself all over Chinatown, providing sniping cover for
demolition expert 8-Ball, having quite an uncomfortable reunion with ex-flame Catalina...not to mention just generally exploring and wreaking havoc throughout the islands of Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale...
Good times.

Now, in 2005, we proudly present a return to that not-so-warm-and-fuzzy place... all in the palm of your hand.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

A full-scale, all-new Grand Theft Auto epic coming exclusively to PSP (PlayStation Portable) system this October.
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