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Summary: European Xbox Mosquito Advertisement
Date: 03 Sep 02
Size: 12.8MB (13,442,992 bytes)
Downloads: 1217
Last Download: 2587 days ago
More info:
This is the new Europen Advert for the Xbox, it starts off with mosquitos flying in the jungle and they get more and more and eventually have a song playing in the jungle. Its pretty cool to watch. It is .mov format so you will need to use quicktime to watch it. Turn up the Volume, turn off the lights and enjoy :) check out the other x-box (and sony) ads too!
MD5 Sum: dfeb10c510aca44f394d0c00162bcfc5
SHA1 Sum: 6d3447fcddaac12316765fe1e16198acaee7b6c3