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Summary: Evacuation Protocol Doom 3 Map
Date: 18 Oct 05
Filename: sp1_evac.zip
Size: 11.5MB (12,012,369 bytes)
Downloads: 58
Last Download: 704 days ago
More info: http://snk.dalc.info/bktmap/
This is my Doom3 level Evacuation Protocol. It is a full blown single player mission with 30-45 minutes of intense gameplay.

The following is a copy of the levels readme.

-Evacuation Protocol-


-Map Info-
Game: Doom3
Type: Single Player
Title: Evacuation Protocol
Files: evac.pk4


-System Info-
Compile machine: AMD AthlonXP 3000 , 1024mb DDR, Geforce6800GT


-Build Info-
Total compile time: 5 mins approx.
Brushes: 13500 ****************************
Build Time: 10 Months
Base: New level from scratch
Editor/s used: D3edit, 3dsmax6, Photoshop
Known Bugs: None.


1. Place the evac.pk4 file in your base folder.
2. Start doom3 and bring down the console (ctrl) (alt) (~).
3. Then type: map guy/evac


-Game Info-
Single player: Yes
Death Match: No
Co-op: No
Skill Levels: Yes (read bellow)
Secrets: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Graphics: Yes
New Models: Yes
New Music: No
New Textures: No

Difficulty note: This map fully supports Doom3's three skill levels.
It is reccomended that intermediate players start with medium, and the more
advanced players should dare to tackle hard. There are many differences
between them, anyone should be able to find a skill level to suit
themselves, but be warned, hard is exactly that, hard!



Eight long weeks on the field... That's what they call Site1 these days.
Everyone in the facility needs something to hang onto. For you it was the
thought that you would actually return for some R&R after four weeks
overtime. It's a long way from Marscity, let alone Earth, but it's a start.

You return to flickering lights, bad attitudes & a busted heating system.
Home sweet home, except something didn't quite feel right. It was colder
than usual, & there was a strange feel to the air. You shrugged this off
with a nice warm shower before hitting the sack, it was just the lingering
feeling of those god forsaken tunnels.

Finally asleep, your dreams weren't about the usual scantily clad women on
the beaches of Earth. All you could see was death, everyone around you was
dead. The screams of your fallen comrades filled your head. These dreams
seemed so real. That unnatural feeling so strong, something was

Suddenly, you awake. It wasn't a dream.


-Author Info-

Author Name: Guy Burkhart (bucket/bkt)
Author Age: 20
Previous maps: Quake2 (available on www.3ddownloads.com)
World War3: The Supply Depot
Map description: My first map release

Target Alpha
Map description: My second quake2 release, a short
yet more evolved level compared to the first.

Upcoming maps/projects: SP & MP Quake4 levels.

E-mail: guy.bkt@gmail.com
MSN: thebucket@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://users.bigpond.net.au/snk



Rich M: For the awsome webs model, excessive testing & VB can.
Tom King: For helping out heaps throughout the entire design period!
Aaron Greenlee: Quite alot of testing & the feedback I really needed to
improve alot of things.
Zombie13: Testing and feedback
Neowar: Testing and feedback
iD Software: For Doom3 of course!
Doom3world.org: For all the tut's, help and general community asskickery.
Planetdoom.com: For the support I got early on from the forums.

Finally, I can't forget all my other mates that were forced into playing
through the level time & time again!



This level and all containing files are copyrighted by Guy Burkhart (c)2005.

These files are the property of Guy Burkhart and may not be
regenerated/edited/sold or modified in anyway without explicit permission
from me. This archive may be electronically distributed through the
internet on the condition that this archive remains unmodified and that
this readme file is included.

MD5 Sum: 06d276c833c93e6a6579e72f0d0ba776
SHA1 Sum: 812a846e71624a3b16d5c2dedbdf96c9026b8653