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Summary: Act of War: Direct Action Patch v1.06
Date: 18 Jul 05
Filename: actofwar_directaction_patch4_ml.exe
Size: 69.3MB (72,687,202 bytes)
Downloads: 1545
Last Download: 335 days ago
More info: http://www.atari.com/actofwar/
Download Instructions

1. Click on the Act of War: Direct Action Patch 4 link
2. When prompted, save it where you will be able to find it (use Desktop if you are not familiar with directories)

Install Instructions

1. Locate the downloaded patch (ActOfWar_DirectAction_Patch4_ML.exe) and double-click it
2. Follow the on screen instructions.

File Details v1.06 (patch #4)

Please note that Saved games created using the retail version of Act of War will NOT be compatible with this patch! If you have a campaign in progress, we recommend that you first finish it before you install this patch.

Saved games and replays created using patch version 1.03 ("Patch 1b") or later ARE compatible with this version 1.06 ("Patch 4.")

This patch adds the following features to the retail version:

Functionality Tweaks and Added Features

- Localisation bug fixed in asian version.
- Fixed exploit. During online play, the player could make his unit enter in the other players' units or buildings, making them invincible.
- Fixed aircraft flight level in the map "Highway".
- "Unigenerror #2" for message "server is full" is localized in asian version.
- Longer time-outs for 2v2 War Room games.
- The in game subtitle background now enlarges to match the subtitle text height.
- Use of ABRAMS FSAP ability visible in replays ( not for previously done replays though ).
- Bug fix: sometimes units fighting inside buildings would get stuck instead of killed, effectively taking the building out of play.
- "bigbrother" cheat is now automaticaly activated while watching a game replay.


- Some dialog boxes in French were translated in English.
- Fixed bug in Minimap generation.
- Fixed bug that prevented users from finalizing the map.
- Loading bar added while performing the terrain lighting computation.
- Small editor adjustment.
MD5 Sum: 704a3c3a8c7beaf417aee8b69e4820b9
SHA1 Sum: 7fd02fde6f3445af63d7d1f06da31e8b4bb26bf2
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