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Summary: Halo Patch v1.07
Date: 23 Jun 05
Filename: halopc107.exe
Size: 4.6MB (4,795,104 bytes)
Downloads: 3514
Last Download: 27 days ago
More info: http://www.microsoft.com/games/halo/
Microsoft Halo PC 1.07 Update
Release Notes
May 17th 2004, v1.07
Microsoft Corporation, 2001-2004. All rights reserved.

Welcome to the Halo PC 1.07 Update!

This file contains information to about the Halo PC 1.07 Update and the history of Halo PC updates to this day.

Halo PC 1.07

The Halo for Windows v1.07 Hotfix addresses a rare hang that could occur if a malicious individual (hacker) purposely imitates a game server and sends invalid data to a server. This hot-fix changes the version number of Halo for Windows and the Halo for Windows Dedicated Server to v1.07 from v1.06.

NOTE: Due to an incompatibility discovered between some systems and the updated Auto-patcher released with version 1.05, users of 1.05 will have to manually download an updated Auto-patcher 1.07 and run it from the Halo directory to receive this latest update. Users updating form prior versions can auto-patch from the game. This issue is addressed for any future patches beyond 1.06.

Users of HaloPC 1.0 through 1.04 will receive the normal auto-update message, however a change in the auto-updater will require users of 1.05 to follow a special manual-update procedure:

If you are running HaloPC 1.05, follow the following precedure to update:

1. Save the following file to your game directory, such as c:\program files\microsoft games\halo. Overwrite the existing file. Remember to "save" this file, don't try to "open" it directly from the website. HaloUpdate 1.07:
2. Now that the file is saved, run it. If you receive an error message, such as that strings.dll was not found, you probably didn't save it to the location where the game was installed.
3. Allow it to download the full 1.07 patch and install it. You're done!
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