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Summary: Firearms v3.0RC Half-Life Mod
Date: 19 Apr 05
Filename: firearms_v30_full.exe
Size: 181.2MB (189,969,501 bytes)
Downloads: 6041
Last Download: 17 days ago
More info:
Firearms Half-Life
Release Candidate 3.0 -- readme.txt


* Fixed treating concussion crash
* Fixed healing ammobox crash
* Fixed debug log files showing up on root C: drive
*** Fixed lag while shooting if debug logs were NOT read-only
* Fixed 'ghosting' spectator bug
* Added ability to choose voice set from command menu
* Fixed obscured death notice text when spectating
*** Was blocked by the VGUI part of the Spectating panel
* Moved scoreboard to last on the VGUI stack (means its always on top of everything else)
* Fixed parachute still being deployed after dying, spectating, then changing teams
* Fixed view bump on take damage not affecting actual accuracy
* Locked cl_sidespeed value to 400 (default)
* Locked cl_forwardspeed value to 400 (default)
* Locked cl_backspeed value to 400 (default)
* Lowered prone view position by 2 units
* Removed first person spectating (WAY too many bugs)
* Fixed ability to reload instantly after a prone sequence is completed
* Fixed multiple ricochet sounds playing on a single bullet impact
* Installed Global FA ban for caught cheaters
* Reduced max concussion value by 5
* Lowered penetration distances on all rifles
* Turned on FA Hard Code ban list and added all FAL ban ID's and Verified Jolt ban ID's
* Reduced Sniper Rifles ability to shoot while unscoped (cannot effectively shotgun snipe anymore)
* Fixed UZI lighting world brushes even with surpressor
* Lowered merge magazine sound volume for players with stealth skill
* Increased accuracy of all weapons roughly by 25%
* Changed Armor back to original 2.9 values: (Absorbtion Amount-- 80% Heavy, 70% Medium, 60% Light)
* Added AK74 nomenclature reload/animations
* Added MP5a5 nomenclature reload/animations
* Added Anaconda nomenclature reload/animations
* Added new Weapon Sounds (many different types)
* Numerous Gun Balances (way too many to list)
* Increased default max_speed to 270 (was 250)
* Added new player movement sounds
* fixed bfinfo bug (related to battlefield information)
* fixed treat reload bandage exploit
* cleaned up tons of unused code and coding errors


* Added new Texture Details for maps: OBJ_Vengeance, PS_Upham, SD_Durandal, SDTC_Balcome, TC_Basrah, TC_caen, TC_Iwojima.
* Added new map OBJ_Vengeance
* Added new version of TC_Caen

Enjoy! Or else!
MD5 Sum: 3413935f8635e7eec533a7b9461902b0
SHA1 Sum: 474c20423c8098fd7d2973e38e36f7df4abaab89