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Summary: Trials of Atlantis Patch to Dark Age of Camelot v1.75
Date: 07 Apr 05
Filename: atlantis_catacombs_engine_update.exe
Size: 946.2MB (992,127,920 bytes)
Downloads: 2506
Last Download: 788 days ago
More info:
Trials of Atlantis Patch to Dark Age of Camelot version 1.75

This patch to the client and content is for users who upgraded Dark Age of Camelot through to the Trials of Atlantis expansion of the game (including those who bought the Platinum Edition). A different version of this patch is also available for those who have only upgraded to Shrouded Isles or purchased the Gold Edition. This is a must-have upgrade for all players of Dark Age of Camelot.

For more details on the right version to download please visit

This patch adds the following features to the game:

• Catacombs Engine Upgrades
o Character customization options – e.g. face customization
o New pre-game and user interface screens
o New hi-res graphics and remodeled player figures
o All updated monster models.
• Tower Razing
o Now actually see towers crumble to the earth in RvR conflicts
• RvR missions (Not available on all servers.)
o Bringing missions to RvR presents players with new goals and rewards including caravan attacks and guarding, tower razing and keep sieges.
• New Town Artwork
o New higher resolutions textures and models for many of the major towns in all three Realms of Dark Age of Camelot.
• New Player Tutorial
o A new player tutorial which explains the basics of playing Dark Age of Camelot

Note: this upgrade does not include the content and quests from the Catacombs expansion. For more details on this exciting upgrade that introduced players to the underworld of Dark Age of Camelot visit
MD5 Sum: 50a06199c7c93c1ecb4250d61ad41a23
SHA1 Sum: 042d031bc809b22454eef1294caddf2e90f42c4a
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