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Summary: Silent Hunter 3 Patch v1.2 (US)
Date: 05 Apr 05
Filename: silent_hunter_3_dvd_1.2_us.exe
Size: 13.1MB (13,753,835 bytes)
Downloads: 1059
Last Download: 944 days ago
More info: http://www.silent-hunteriii.com/uk/home.php
This new patch modifies game data and in this cases the saves that are made while in missions will not work properly. We highly recommend before installing this patch that all the Captains should return to bases or to load a previous in base save (after install) in order to avoid eventual problems.
The version of the multiplayer game has been labeled as 1.2 and it is incompatible with previous version 1.0. Note that the multiplayer version for patch 1.1 is in fact the same as for gold: 1.0. Therefore it is not allowed to join to a server having different version that one is using, a message "Wrong game version" is popped up when trying to join to a different multiplayer version.

Improvements in collision and damage model have been made for several ships:
 Liberty Cargo
 C2 Cargo
 T2 Tanker
 T3 Tanker
 Tug Boat

 Netherlands properly enters and exits the war now
 Gdansk is now renamed Danzig when under German control
 Added mine fields and anti sub nets

 Local time displayed (under the current date) when the mouse is over the current hour (bottom-right corner) in game; this local time will depend on the U-Boot position on Earth (which is divided in 24 slices having 15 longitudinal degrees each);
 Game version displayed in the bottom-right corner of the main menu page;
 Data from notepad (top-right section in periscopes or UZO pages) will not be reset on expert mode when the target in view is changing;
 A new tool: Angle tool (protractor) on navigation map;
 No weapon officer assist option (a new option in difficulty settings); when this option is checked then the Identify target and Solution to target orders from Weapons officer will be disabled;
 Wound badge fixed (when drag & drop);

 Solved issues related to rain on time compression (rain will not became invisible after long time compression sessions)
 A more balanced weather system

 Solved Game Editor crashes related to terrain data, mission objectives and triggers

 Solved the black sun problem and environment texture errors
 The escorts will now make evasive maneuvers while pursuing contact (depending on the crew skill)

 Ready button issue was fixed
 Message box issues
 The interface to servers list has been slightly updated to reflect the version of the game server and also to show if the server is password protected
 The crash that is happening when chatting in session menu has been fixed.
 Other minor updates
MD5 Sum: a5328dc321fde23963f885d14712d67a
SHA1 Sum: 5b84c990ef2ad6578b20dd6822b9a448b297d380