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Summary: Pure Pwnage - Episode 6
Date: 29 Mar 05
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Episode 6 - Imapwnu of Azeroth
March 25th, 2005
DivX 5 (112MB - 20m:24s)

Welcome to Pure Pwnage - THE pro gaming show

My roommate Jeremy is a "pro gamer" that pwns everybody. If you play video games, you have probably been pwned by him. If not, chances are you soon will be. The life of a pro gamer is often a challenge since your talents are rarely appreciated. Some say he was born before his time, others say "OMFG U PWN ROLFOLOL!!1". I'm in film school so I decided to make this show about him.
This is the story of a man who has no fear. A man with more kills than Genghis Khan. This is the story of Jeremy.

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