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Summary: Half-Life Demo
Date: 07 Jan 02
Filename: halflifedemo.exe
Size: 48.5MB (50,872,079 bytes)
Downloads: 1017
Last Download: 11 days ago
A major goal in any game is to create the illusion of reality, a fact that is especially true for first-person shooters. The whole point of the genre is to put you, literally, in the role of the protagonist. In light of this, it's surprising that so many games have stuck to a blueprint that breaks the illusion at every possible opportunity, with text-based mission briefings, jarring level transitions, and weapons and power-ups scattered around like decorative furniture. But Valve Software has obviously spent a lot of time studying the mistakes of the past. The result is Half-Life, the closest thing to a revolutionary step the genre has ever taken. Through a series of subtle and artistic design decisions, Half-Life creates a reality that is self-contained, believable, and thoroughly engaging. And while it may be surprising that no game has utilized any of these ideas in the past, it's clear that any future shooter will be remiss to overlook them.

Minimum System Requirements

System: Pentium-133 or equivalent
RAM: 24 MB
Video Mode: SVGA
Hard Drive Space (MB): 400
Sound Board: Yes
Operating System: Windows 95

Recommended System Requirements

System: Pentium-166 or equivalent
RAM: 32 MB

Multiplayer Support

Multiplayer supported on: Local Area Network
Number of players: 1-32

Device Support

3D sound support: Yes
MD5 Sum: 498afa6af130a64ff5966774654b0f18
SHA1 Sum: 605e110670ca3d55b2093b7750d1d0138cbf1f4c
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