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Summary: Tribes Full Client
Date: 08 Jun 04
Filename: tribes_fullgame.zip
Size: 112.5MB (117,987,817 bytes)
Downloads: 1356
Last Download: 264 days ago
More info: http://www.sierra.com/downloadfile.do?gamePlatfo...

Thank you for Purchasing Starsiege TRIBES, the ultimate in first-person squad warfare!

I: System Compatibility

These are the minimum requirements needed to run Starsiege TRIBES:

* Pentium 166, 32 MB RAM with 3D Graphics Accelerator
* Pentium 200, 32 MB RAM without a Graphics Accelerator
* Platforms: Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 3
* Hardware Requirements: LAN Card or minimum 28.8 kps modem, 4x CD ROM
* 2D Graphics Card: DirectDraw compatible card (minimum SVGA 640x480 @ 256 colors)
* 3D Graphics Card: 3Dfx Glide compatible 3D accelerator (recommended)
* Sound Support: DirectSound compatible sound cards
* Peripheral Support: Mouse, Keyboard
* Network Support: Internet, TCP/IP, IPX

II: Updates and Patches

Check our website at www.tribesplayers.com for the latest updates and patches to the game.

III: Changes from the Printed Manual

Since the time of the printing of the manual and the shipping of the game, there have been some changes made to Starsiege TRIBES, resulting in information in the manual being out of date. These changes are:

* The Laser Rifle will not function unless you are also carrying an energy pack.
* There are now two default keys for killing your player (suicide) and dropping the flag that can be set in the Options-General screen. The defaults are set to CTRL-K to kill your player, CTRL-F to drop the flag if you are carrying it.
* Heavy Armor is listed as being able to hold up to four weapons. It can actually hold up to five.
* There is now a check box to turn weather effects on and off in the Options-Graphics page.
* Also in the Options-Graphics Page, the Shadow Detail Level slider bar has been removed.
* There is an additional column (Server Type) listed in the Options-Columns page.
* There is a new slider bar in the Options-Graphics page called "Num. Decals", which controls the number of footprints and bullet holes that appear during the game.
* In the Options-Sound page, you cannot select DirectSound3D and Aureal from the 3D Sound menu.
* In the Demo Screen, a Continuous Play box has been added. When checked off, a randomly-selected demo from the list will begin playing. When that demo ends, another randomly selected demo shall begin, and so on.
* There is a new Options screen called "Misc." Key bindings for favorites and voting are listed here.

IV: Hosting A Game

Hosting a game with more than a few players takes a fair amount of bandwidth. Hosting over a 28.8 modem connection is not recommended. There will be several servers running here at Dynamix, possibly some up at Sierra NW. For 28.8 modem players, joining a server is recommended.

If you wish to do a little testing without interference, host a game while you are not connected to the internet. You can also limit the number of players allowed or require a password.

If you wish to run a dedicated server, read the Dedicated Servers section below.

V: Network Performance Tuning

If you have a reliable connection to your ISP, but are still experiencing packet loss and lag in the game there are a three parameters that you can modify to help tune the game. These are packet size, packet rate and packet frame. These values can be changed on the Options Network page.

Packet rate controls the number of packets per second sent from the server to your client game. Packet size controls the approximate size of each packet. So a packet rate of 10 and a packet size of 200 means that the server will be transmitting to you an average of 2000 bytes per second. Reducing the packet rate and size will reduce the amount of data being sent to you and can help keep your modem connection from clogging up.

Packet frame is how often your client sends move information to the server. A slider currently controls this. Adjusting the slider to the left decreases the number of packets sent. Transmitting too much information on a poor connection can cause packet loss & game lag.

VI: Dedicated Servers

Those of you with faster connections may wish to run dedicated servers. Information on how to configure and run a dedicated server is included on our player's website at http://www.tribesplayers.com.

VII: Real-Time Chat Programs

The Roger Wilco real-time chat program can now be used with TRIBES. For information on how to use Roger Wilco with TRIBES, please consult the Roger Wilco documentation or their homepage at www.rogerwilco.com

VIII: Known Problems

Here is a list of some of the known problems and interactions with other programs.

* Internet Explorer 5.0 Beta.
* Gamma correction with Voodoo II cards
MD5 Sum: 37a2d144606049714583bf5da6882427
SHA1 Sum: e24cea1e39d1cc90990d92f0f8470e597a9d10d8