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Summary: Age of Mythology: The Titans Patch v1.03
Date: 04 Jun 04
Filename: aomx10to103.exe
Size: 7.7MB (8,058,144 bytes)
Downloads: 7510
Last Download: 87 days ago
Age Of Mythology(tm): The Titans v1.03
Patch Release Notes

This manual patch is only necessary if you are having trouble autopatching the

Patch 1.03 - Fixed a bug and a few exploits.


- Fixed a bug that hindered some users from uploading stats.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed users to create free Shade units.
- Fixed an exploit that used the vote dialog screen to pause games.
- Fixed an exploit that turned off Fog Of War and black map in rated games.

Patch 1.02 - Fixed a few exploits, some bugs and made a few balance


- Fixed a database exploit.
- Fixed an exploit that could allow illegal market trades.
- Fixed an exploit involving relics that could sometimes generate free
- Fixed a bug that allowed the Son of Osiris, the 2nd pharaoh and Ra priests to
empower the Titan Gate during construction.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to cancel upgrades at 99% and receive both
the upgrade and the resources.
- Fixed a bug in recorded game playback where the "pause" text would be remain
on-screen until the application was restarted.
- Added additional checks for zoom cheats.

- Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from all previous versions will
not be affected by the balance changes. Recorded games from all previous
versions are still supported and will replay as before):

. Titan Gate build time increased by 10%
. Isis' major god bonus (10% cost reduction for techs) now excludes "Secrets
of the Titans" and all Age up techs
. Turma and Turma Hero cost 5 more gold
. Minion damage (Ancestors god power) decreased by 2
. Promethean crush damage decreased by 3, cost increased by 10 gold
. Isis monument protection radius reduced by 20%
. Valor's maximum number of units converted decreased to 3 military units and
1 villager
. Fenris wolf pack speed boost reduced to 15%
. Fire giant crush damage reduced by 5
. Katapeltes hitpoints reduced by 5
. Gaia's economy techs reduced by 10%
. Carnivora hitpoints increased by 25%
. Caladria speed increased by 1, heal rate increased by 25%, and range
increased by 4
. Stymphalian Bird cost increased by 20 wood
. Ulfsarks, Hoplite, and Murmillos and Spearman received damage bonus
increase vs. Turma
. Heka Gigantes hitpoints increased by 150
. Contarius & Hero hitpoints increased by 10
. Rheias Gift favor decreased by 5
. Horns of Consecration costs 5 less favor and 30 more gold
. Channels costs 75 less gold and 2 less favor
. Shades' hitpoints increased by 10
. Wadjet hitpoints increased by 20
. Cyclops speed increased by .3
. Minotaur speed increased by .2
. Norse favor trickle reduced in Deathmatch
. Atlantean TownCenter build time reduced in Deathmatch
. Hersir TownCenter build time reduced in Deathmatch

Patch 1.01 - fixes the record game feature and a couple ESO issues.

- Fixed the record game feature to playback all previous recordings.

- Fixed the OOS issue caused by WinXP users (without Service Pack 1) whose
regional settings return number formats incompatible with the game.
- Fixed the LAN issue that prohibited machines without an internet connection
to play or host LAN games.

Localized Release Notes

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mise jour.
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de la versin del parche
Sie finden Informationen zum Patch auf der Homepage des Ensemble Studios.

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