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Summary: Sven Co-Op v3.0 Half-Life Mod
Date: 25 Dec 03
Filename: svencoop30full.exe
Size: 127.6MB (133,807,120 bytes)
Downloads: 67158
Last Download: 79 days ago
More info:
New in Sven Co-op v3.0:
Map Changes

New map series: Afrika Korps by MysticMDT
New map: Another Unit by B-dama
New map: Auspices by Seraph
New map: Extended Resistance by DAN200
New map: Greysnake by Trempler
New map: Rampage by Rugal
New map: Sandstone by tdw
New map: VGer by VGer3781
New map: Zero by TheRealGame
Updated map series: ToonRun by Koelzk
Updated map: Extension
Updated map: Osprey
Updated map: Stadium3 (Steam only)
Tweaked maps: GargFoot, Grunts2, Hostage, Svencoop1&2
Misc Changes

Full Steam support
Updated player models, with new animations for drawing weapons, reloading, throwing grenades, etc.
Much greater sound variety when playing in Steam (more monster sounds, NPC speech, etc.)
Optional high-definition models for some monsters, by HIT
Menu background music by Ilkka "Gluem" Richt
Updated support for Valve's HL single-player maps by Guardian (for information on playing the HL SP maps in Steam, CLICK HERE)
Crosshairs updated for greater visibility
Improved cockroach
Major Features
Mod updated to work with Steam
New monsters: Opposing Force Grunts added, including Torch (explodes when fuel canister is damaged), Medic (heals his allies, whether they're players, grunts or aliens), SAW, and Normal grunt types. Friendly and Hostile versions of each type are available
New monster: Voltigore
New monster: Baby Voltigore
New monster: Cleansuit Scientist - Identical to the Opposing Force version except immune to Poison, Chemical, Radiation, Nerve Gas, and Drowning types of damage
New monster: Black Ops Osprey Helicopter
New monster: Black Ops Apache (for Op4 compatibility)
New monster: monster_hwgrunt_repel - Heavy Weapons Grunt that rappels down. After landing, he'll be able to use his minigun
New weapon: M134 Minigun
New weapon: M40A1 Sniper Rifle. Inaccurate when un-zoomed
New weapon: Barnacle Grapple. Alternate fire toggles pull/rappel mode. Attaches to all monsters, or only some, depending on the map
Shock Trooper Spore Grenades added
Updated Heavy Weapons Grunt
Monsters can randomly roam a level that has info_nodes (must be enabled by the map creator)
All friendly monsters can be made to follow players with the +USE key
New commands for friendly monsters:
npc_return (immediately return to the player)
npc_findcover (stop and find cover from the enemy)
npc_attackmytarget (target under the player's crosshairs becomes the new enemy)
New command: "dropammo" / "dropammo weapon_name_here". Drop weapon's maximum ammo clip, or half of the weapon's current ammo (whichever is less)
New player model animations added for drawing weapons, weapon reloading and firing, etc.
New feature: Monster riding - Jumping onto a monster will allow you to "ride" it when it begins to move
New feature: Per-entity sound-replacement. Combined with model-replacement and other SC mapping features, this allows for (among other things) Monster Packs, whole new monsters that mappers can plug in to their maps
New feature: Global camera added (allows in-game cut scenes)
Updated Scoreboard with Voice Mute support
Blood effects are now client-side
HWGrunts and Sniper Male Assassins drop their weapons on death
New Osprey Features:
Grunt Type Selection - Can spawn Human Grunts (default) or Opposing Force Grunts
Player Ally Option - Can spawn Friendly/Evil Human Grunts/Opposing Force Grunts
Up to 6 [different] Ospreys may be in a level at the same time
Ability for mappers to assign monsters to different factions (Example: Zombies and Assassins can be on the same team)
Fixed: Roaches can be squished again
Physics Changes

Monsters are launched into the air by explosions on death (if not gibbed)
Monster corpses align to the ground on death
Monster corpses float in water
Ichthyosaurs float on death, and stay around for up to 15 seconds -- You can jump on them as life rafts
Monsters now take falling damage (monsters spawned in the air are immune until reaching the ground)
Players and monsters can now damage other creatures they happen to fall onto. E.g. If a gargantua lands on you, you're smooshed
Weapons are thrown further/higher based on your view angle when pressing the Drop key
When dropped, weapons will fall / bounce / react to the ground realistically
Weapons can be caught in the air by other players, or you can throw a weapon into the air and catch it yourself on the day down
Satchels can now be kicked by their owners
Grenades can now roll on the floor/down hills
Grenades launched from the MP5 now spin/fly in a realistic manner. Grenade launch position also updated to reflect view model
Dropped weapons can be thrown through teleports
AI/Monster Changes

Intelligent monsters attempt to take control of player-controllable turrets in appropriate situations
Alien Slaves can revive their fellow species. Revived Alien Slaves have half of their original health points
NOTE: Above feature is based around Valve's original code (feature didn't make it into Half-Life), with graphical improvements and fixes
Monsters can now jump from ledges. They attempt to check that the distance to the ground is not too great before doing so.
Certain monsters fear various types of creatures like zombies, gonomes, headcrabs, etc. and attempt to run away from them via node graph or non-node graph path finding methods
Added path smoothing for monsters
Drastically improved navigation for monsters with large hulls (e.g. Gargantuas) in regards to navigating up steep ramps/slopes
If monster is wounded and finds a medic grunt that's allied with it, it'll call him using an appropriate sound
Headcrabs will attempt to gang up on Bullsquids in a counter-attack, but will flee if being pursued by a Bullsquid. If cornered, headcrabs will attack the Bullsquid
Monsters will now decide to look in the direction their player/monster allies are shooting (if they're in an idle/alert state)
Vastly improved non-node_graph path finding. Monsters can triangulate around obstacles off of edges, in tight corridors, off of other entities, etc
Improved movement for monsters regarding dynamic entities blocking paths and their movement goal; monsters will tend to move without trouble in packs
Monsters are far better at using doors
Monsters now duck and cover from Rockets
After being injured, squad members will try to find and follow their leaders when not in combat
If squad monsters can find their squad leader, they slowly regenerate health while in idle status
Aliens gain a maximum of 100 health when devouring their fallen enemies
Fixed performance issues with Alien Controllers
Revamped Heavy Weapons Grunt AI. He can now run, target multiple targets without spinning down his minigun, etc. etc.
Animation blending added for HWGrunt. HWGrunt's minigun spins realistically
Heavy Weapons Grunts now talk with other squad mates
Grunts now intelligently decide whether or not to crouch/stand when attacking (Drastically reduces shooting through sandbag-effect, and helps them to attack better overall - positions aren't invalidated as a result)
Updated Grunt AI to better engage flying monsters
All Grunt types have modified behaviour toward Gargantuas. If a grunt is equipped with grenades or a grenade launcher, it will use that item against a Gargantua
Monsters now target an Osprey Helicopter at either one of its engines
Monsters will now attack enemy barnacles that have prey
Updated Ichthyosaur AI, monster is more lethal and goes into idle mode again after killing
Monsters can better engage their targets by attempting to run to the enemy's line of sight if they fail to find a path to their enemy
Pitdrones are now squad-based monsters
Added anti-friendly fire support for Pitdrones
Slightly increased damage resistance for Shocktroopers and decreased damage resistance for Pitdrones
Basic wall detection added for sentry turrets to keep them from falling into walls
Robo Grunts: Decreased damage taken from electricity and fire
Apache now checks to make sure firing a rocket will not endanger itself
Decreased accuracy of Sniper Male Assassins slightly
Male Assassin Snipers now stop running to their last position after reloading if they can attack
Fixed Sniper Male Assassin aiming coordinates
Fixed bug with monsters pausing for a few seconds after being spawned from monstermakers/squadmakers
Fixed poor enemy communication for monsters with squad members and squad leaders
Fixed issue with Sniping Male Assassins reloading if schedule failed
Fixed bug with newer talk monsters (Otis) not being able to have a use/un-use sentence from Worldcraft
Fixed TakeDamage issue with Male Assassins
Fixed problem with friendly Pitdrones attacking friendly Shock Roaches
Fixed bullet shell ejection point for human grunts, robot grunts, male assassins (Applies to new Opposing Force Grunts)
Fixed freeze bug with grunts after they dropped a grenade to run to cover
Fixed model replacement bug with collision boxes for the Ichthyosaur
Fixed NPC "Hello" actions
Fixed "fidget in place for a valid path" navigation glitch for when monsters update their route information when falling far behind, while the enemy isn't visible (phew)
Monsters pausing from a constant stream of damage fixed
Pause issue with monsters after running to a scripted_sequence fixed
Short game freeze for servers running maps with Babygargs fixed
Monsters now stop running/cowering from grenades that have exploded
Monsters that cower to take cover from grenades (e.g. Human Grunts) will stop cowering and flee if a new grenade is detected
Decreased danger-alert radius slightly for grenades
Prisoners no longer take cover from grenades
When doing victory dances, monsters no longer ignore grenades
Added non-node_graph grenade cover. Monsters no longer require a node graph to escape from grenades
Monsters no longer ignore grenades when reloading their weapon
Fixed Gargantua's collision box dimensions
Talk-Monsters (Otis, Barney, Scientists, Opposing Force Grunts) no longer ignore grenades when talking or listening to another NPC
Scientists now scream when they detect grenades
Fixed bug with friendly alien slaves inadvertently triggering nearby Barneys to attack players
Fixed bug with Otis not spawning with a random head from the monstermaker entity
Allowable distance for attacking increased for monsters that are engaging flying monsters
Squad based monsters will no longer take cover from new enemies on subsequent encounters
Fixed Alien Controller view origin
Fixed a series of issues with the Big Momma monster's special mapper-placed scripted paths
Monsters that are cut off by a door from a [starting] node for their path will attempt to open the door and proceed to the node
Fixed bug with scripted sequences not being able to finish if a monster was being attacked
Fixed problem with Houndeye Squad-Leaders freezing in place after playing their "leaderlook" animation
Fixed bug with monsters being able to attack their enemies after failing to run to an aiscripted_sequence (Note: They can still remember their enemies after finishing the script)
Fixed bug with Friendly Shocktroopers spawning Enemy Shockroaches
Fixed bug with friendly monsters talking to players when shot during their death sequence
Fixed bug that allowed monsters to die in scripted_sequences even if "No Interruptions" was checked in Worldcraft
Monsters that talk with others will now not respond to questions if in combat
Increased pitch for Pitdrone's spike hit sound to match Opposing Force's version
Monstermakers/Squadmakers now do not stop making monsters if their 'children' are killed while performing a scripted_sequence
Improved findlateralcover() for monsters
Silent monster_sentry bug fixed
Mapping Changes

Global and per-entity sound replacement added
Free Roaming options: Default roaming on/of in worldspawn, and always/never/default roaming options for monsters/squadmakers.
New entity: trigger_random_unique
New entity: player_respawn_zone
New entity: env_spritetrain
New entity: env_fog
New entity: item_generic
New entity: ammo_762 (sniper rifle ammo)
New entity: ammo_556 (minigun ammo)
Mappers can now set a monster's hull size in Worldcraft/Hammer
New npckill setting: When set to "2", friendly npcs can be killed by anything but players
New Map CFG command: mp_respawndelay - Mappers can set how long players must wait before respawning, default '3' seconds
New Map CFG command: mp_grapple_mode:
0 (default): Barnacle grapple attaches to players, xeno_grapple textures and pulls headcrab-sized monsters toward you.
1: Barnacle grapple works as in Opposing Force. It attaches to players, xeno_grapple textures, and pulls players towards all monsters (except headcrabs and below)
New Map CFG command: mp_disable_player_rappel 1 - Barnacle grapple will not attach to players
New Map CFG command: mp_noblastgibs 1 - monsters will not gib from explosions in most cases
New Map CFG command: mp_no_akimbo_uzis 1 - disables gaining the akimbo Uzis on the second Uzi pickup in some cases
Ladders can be toggled on/off when triggered
"Start OFF" flag added
Blood color choices added for monsters
New Osprey Options:
Grunt Type Selection - Can spawn Human Grunts (default) or Opposing Force Grunts
Player Ally Option - Can spawn Friendly/Evil Human Grunts/Opposing Force Grunts
Up to 6 [different] Ospreys may be in a level at the same time
Black Ops Osprey Options:
Player Ally Option - Can spawn Friendly/Evil Male Assassins
Reworked name display system for monsters. New entity property for monster names (separate from squad name)
Classification choices added for monsters
"Move to Radius" field added for aiscripted/scripted_sequences. When the monster hits the supplied radius around the script, it'll stop moving and start its sequence
"All Players" option for trigger_camera added (allows in-game cut scenes)
"Force View" option for trigger_camera added (players will view the camera until it finishes, even if a player dies)
Trigger_camera movement now works correctly when Freeze Players is Off
"Explosives only" func_breakable and func_pushable spawnflag added. (The entity can only take damage from explosives when set)
"No Babycrabs" spawnflag added to disable babycrab spawning from Big Mommas
"No Shockroach" spawnflag added to disable shockroach spawning from Shock Troopers
"No Reset Entity" flag added to scripted_sequences (allows scripts to be linked smoothly)
"Disable Respawn" spawnflag for weapons - Weapon can only be picked up once and will not respawn
"Head Controller" flag added for monster_generics (same as in Op4)
Flag to disable dynamic collision boxes added for monsters
Func_doors can now use switchable textures
Fixed bug with func_tanks not attacking all players
"Body" setting transferred to all Repelling Grunt types from Squadmakers
Fixed problem with turrets and apaches not triggering their 'trigger targets' set in Worldcraft
Fixed inability to set custom health for Shocktroopers, Pitdrones, or Shockroaches
Fixed issue with various grunt_repel types not becoming a player ally
Item_security entities no longer respawn after being picked up
Repelling Grunt types now properly store their TriggerTarget and TriggerCondition keyvalues from Worldcraft
Fixed infinite-spawning bug with all Repelling Grunt types, in Squadmakers/Monstermakers
Mappers can now trigger repel-grunts from monstermakers/squadmakers in the "Target On Release" field (Reduces the number of needed entities for the same effect)
Custom models can now be set for dead monsters
Fixed in-ability to model-replace rocket launchers
Set tripmines will now use their custom model set in Worldcraft
Soda cans can now give a custom amount of health even if a custom model is not used
Satchel Charges can now use custom models set in Worldcraft
When a monster is moving to a script, it can now open doors which block its path even if the door is set to "No monsters"
Fixed problem with monstermakers/squadmakers having monsters spawn clumped together, when the frequency was set to 0 in Worldcraft
Fixed Error in FGD file concerning model fields and certain cycler/monster entities
Various skill.cfg settings added
Weapon Changes

Improved client-side weapon code
Fixed combo-hit bug with the Wrench
Added idle animations for the Wrench
Added Wrench skill CVARs
Rockets fired from the rocket launcher will only follow their owner's laser sight
Fixed minor problem with the rocket launcher refusing to reload while laser sight was active
Fixed not being able to swing the Wrench after selecting Snarks
Improved animation transitions for Uzi
Reload/Deploy speed for Uzi and Uzi Akimbo animations increased
Akimbo Uzis now update ammo counters realistically based on the reload animation currently being played. (Reload right Uzi first, right Uzi ammo updates first. Reload left Uzi second, then left Uzi ammo updates.)
Fixed issue with right Uzi/single Uzi deploying with 0 ammo
World model for mapper-placed Akimbo Uzis is now set to use the proper model
Hornets from a player's Hornet Gun no longer attack friendly monsters or other players
Increased MP5 and shotgun damage slightly
Pump sound for the shotgun now plays properly
Reloading animation/sound for the shotgun now plays properly
Removed laser sight/zooming from 357
Fixed problem with client-side tracer-bullets not creating gunshot decals
Changed weapon pickup delay to "20" when mp_weaponstay is 1
Gauss rifle idle animations now play
Can no longer zoom with a weapon while viewing a camera
Fixed bug that allowed a player to drop an infinite amount of satchels
Func_tankmortars/func_tankrockets can no longer be used to harm other players
General Changes

Fixed Steam bug where death messages do not appear
Improved third-person camera clipping
New Server Command: "mp_noblastgibs". Default "0". When set to "1", monsters will not gib from explosions in most cases
Fixed issue with the Longjump animation not being played when performing a Longjump
Fixed issue with the Treadwater animation not being played when in water but not moving
Improved transition with water and land animations
Fixed client-side gib spawn location
"Flatline" sound on death is stopped after respawning
HUD now properly outputs health, armor, and ammo values. (No 250 limit)
Death messages now use 'a' or 'an' depending on the killer's name
Death messages now have proper formatted names based on the killer (e.g. 'Alien Slave' as opposed to 'alien_slave')
A monster's normal model is no longer precached if a custom model is set
Monster_furniture entities no longer bleed when attacked
Monster_furniture entities no longer turn to face their attacker
Changed default mp_bantime to 24 hours (ban time period for vote banned users) & mp_kickbantime to 25 minutes (ban time period for vote kicked users)
Fixed issue with trigger_push entities not pushing monsters/players/items/etc upwards in some cases
Changed specific footstep sounds for monsters to use the player 'crete' footstep sound
Removed sounds being precached that weren't actually used
Updated to the most recent FMOD API (MP3 player)
Fixed strangely-colored "red" blood-squirt problem with env_blood
Monster info text moved out of the way of chat text
Scoreboard clock updates from actual timeleft every four minutes, to prevent it from falling out of sync
Updated voting system to support Steam IDs
Major Bug Fixes

Fixed crash bug with Steam
Fixed crash bug with player collisions
Fixed crash bug with monster class relationships
Fixed crash bug with func_breakables triggering objects after being destroyed (e.g. the 'game_text' entity)
Fixed crash bug with the third-person camera when changing to a new map while the camera was on
Fixed crash bug that occurred with func_tank classes setup to attack monsters
Fixed crash bug with func_tanklaser(s)
Fixed crash bug with +Using monsters right after they finished a script, and the script entity was removed from the world (it didn't have the repeatable flag checked)
Fixed chat logging format
Fixed bug with deaths not counting if the player committed suicide
MD5 Sum: d7bc066d6c1fb2f86e99e3ef07f62816
SHA1 Sum: 621156e93dad3e5575ebec8c9a530e806fc94362
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