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Mods / Strategy

Summary sorting desc Date Size Downloads
A Galaxy Divided Mod for Forces of Corruption 11-12-07 130.9MB 524
Act of War High Treason "Navy Invaders" Mod 26-04-06 5.4MB 581
American Revolution v2.0 Mod for Empire: Total War 22-12-11 1.8GB 5813
Battle of The Bulge v2.601 Mod for Company of Heroes 09-02-10 459MB 124
Battletech: The Capellan Solution v1.5 for Command and Conquer: Generals 06-07-07 147.7MB 234
Blitzkrieg Mod for Company of Heroes Patch v2.52 20-12-10 29.2MB 75
Blitzkrieg Mod v1.35 for Company Of Heroes 14-01-09 394MB 388
Blitzkrieg Mod v4.6.1.1 for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts 14-12-12 1.1GB 871
Blitzkrieg v1.7.0.0 beta Mod for Company Of Heroes 27-04-10 793.6MB 91
Blitzkrieg v4 Mod for Company of Heroes 01-11-11 700.6MB 123
Blitzkrieg v4.5 Mod for Company of Heroes 11-06-12 764.1MB 544
Boss Generals Modification for Command and Conquer: Zero Hour 13-12-05 50.1MB 785
Clone Wars Mod v3.0 for Star Wars Empire At War 27-09-10 157.6MB 355
CoH: Blitzkrieg Mod v2 for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts 17-12-10 896.3MB 79
Cold War Crisis v1.5 Mod for C&C: Generals: Zero Hour 20-06-12 429.6MB 690
Command and Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars Enhanced Mod v1.0 26-02-08 51.6MB 1176
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Blitzkrieg Mod v3 04-01-11 1GB 102
Complex Mod for Homeworld 2 29-03-12 561.2MB 31
Complex Simple v2.1 Mod for Homeworld 2 02-05-12 1.2GB 9
Complex Simple v2.4 Mod for Homeworld 2 28-09-12 561.5MB 28
Complex v9.0.1 Mod for Homeworld 2 18-11-13 853.9MB 91
Contra v007 Mod for C&C: Generals: Zero Hour 19-06-12 182.9MB 311
Dark Crusade Daemonhunt Mod for Dawn Of War 27-02-09 196.3MB 745
Dark Crusade: Tryanid Mod v0.45 for Dawn Of War 27-02-09 49.1MB 283
Darth Mod Dark Edition v8.0 for Rome: Total War 02-08-06 255MB 15264
Dawn of War WA Tau Mod 20-01-06 22MB 72
Destructive Forces mod for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour v1.21 26-04-07 83.7MB 2923
Eastern Front Expansion Mod for Company of Heroes 22-01-10 626.5MB 818
Eastern Front Patch v1.40 Mod for Company of Heroes 30-05-11 990.6MB 85
Eastern Front v1.2.0 Mod for Company of Heroes 09-08-10 642.4MB 179
Elvenstar mod for Battle for Middle Earth 08-10-07 66.8MB 1100
Empires Mod Client Patch v2.0 to v2.1 for Half-Life 2 03-01-08 41.1MB 434
Empires Mod Client v2.1 for Half-Life 2 03-01-08 754.6MB 5785
Empires Mod Client v2.23 for Half-Life 2 08-04-09 807.4MB 14
Empires Mod Client v2.24b for Half-Life 2 10-07-09 840.1MB 43
Empires Mod v2.0 to v2.1 Dedicated Server Patch for Half-Life 2 03-01-08 35.2MB 5
Empires Mod v2.1 Dedicated Server Files for Half-Life 2 03-01-08 378.7MB 20
Europa Barborum v1.1 Mod for Rome: Total War 26-05-10 786MB 156
Fall from Heaven 2 Mod for Civilization 4 21-08-07 223.4MB 1379
Fall from Heaven Mod for Civilization 4 29-06-07 117.7MB 23
Fall from Heaven v2 Mod for Civilization 4 02-07-07 335MB 54
Firestorm over Kronus Campaign and Map Pack for Dawn of War 22-09-09 80.9MB 61
Firestorm over Kronus v3.5 Mod for Dawn of War 22-09-09 612MB 906
Fleet Operations Mod v3.10 for Star Trek Armada 2 12-01-10 206.7MB 69
Forged Alliance Mod for Supreme Commander Part 2 06-11-07 1GB 328
Hell-Fox's Skin Pack v2.5 Mod for Company of Heroes 20-01-10 603.3MB 342
Horse Creature for Black & White 13-03-01 267.4kB 2146
Hyrule: Total War v2.0 Mod for Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms 03-10-12 1.2GB 78
Imperial Assault Alpha v0.65 Mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour 22-04-05 180.2MB 405
Imperial Assault Alpha v0.71 Mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour 26-04-05 152.7MB 273
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