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Granado Espada Online (Global)

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
30-07-14 EU_GranadoEspadaClient20140730.zip Granado Espada Online Client v20140730 7.2GB 3053
08-07-13 GE_USA_18.56.36_full_195730.zip Granado Espada Online Client v18.56.36 5.9GB 2103
31-07-13 GE_USA_18.85.13_full_196005.zip.7z Granado Espada Online Client v18.85.13 6GB 380
06-01-14 USA_20.03.13_full_200140-1.bin Granado Espada Online Client v20.03.13 [Part 1/5] 1.9GB 224
06-01-14 USA_20.03.13_full_200140-2.bin Granado Espada Online Client v20.03.13 [Part 2/5] 1.9GB 115
06-01-14 USA_20.03.13_full_200140-3.bin Granado Espada Online Client v20.03.13 [Part 3/5] 1.9GB 83
06-01-14 USA_20.03.13_full_200140-4.bin Granado Espada Online Client v20.03.13 [Part 4/5] 400MB 63
06-01-14 USA_20.03.13_full_200140.exe Granado Espada Online Client v20.03.13 [Part 5/5] 330.2kB 196