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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
13-07-10 ag-e32010-okamiden.mkv AusGamers E3 2010 Okamiden Interview Video 124.8MB 7
25-02-11 Okamiden "Aji and Dumami" Gameplay Trailer 32.7MB 0
15-02-11 Okamiden "Astroidean" Gameplay Trailer 33.7MB 1
07-01-11 Okamiden CES 2010 "Kurow" Trailer 34MB 1
25-02-11 Okamiden "Charity" Gameplay Trailer 37.3MB 0
15-02-11 Okamiden "Deities and Environments" Gameplay Trailer 72.1MB 0
23-06-10 okamiden_e32010.wmv Okamiden E3 2010 Trailer 196.9MB 2
23-06-10 okamiden_e32010gp.wmv Okamiden E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer 63.7MB 0
21-04-10 okamiden_gameplay.wmv Okamiden Gamplay Footage 25.9MB 3
06-10-10 okamiden_gameplay2.wmv Okamiden Gameplay Trailer #2 85.6MB 2
19-08-10 okamiden_gamescom2010.wmv Okamiden GamesCom 2010 Trailer 55.2MB 1
04-11-10 Okamiden "Goblin Face" Trailer 56.1MB 0
15-12-10 Okamiden "Issun" Trailer 8.7MB 0
18-02-11 Okamiden "Karude" Gameplay Trailer 20.1MB 1
18-02-11 Okamiden "Kokari and Ume" Gameplay Trailer 29.5MB 1
15-12-10 Okamiden "Kushi" Trailer 8.4MB 0
16-03-11 Okamiden Launch Trailer 272.9MB 0
14-03-11 Okamiden Launch Cinematic Trailer 212.6MB 2
19-01-11 Okamiden "Ryo Demon" Gameplay Trailer 31.5MB 3
15-12-10 Okamiden "Sakayu" Trailer 11.8MB 1
01-02-11 Okamiden "Shakuya" Gameplay Trailer 11.6MB 2
01-02-11 Okamiden "Sshiranui and" Gameplay Trailer 32.6MB 0
15-12-10 Okamiden "Susano" Trailer 4.8MB 0
21-09-10 okamiden_tgs2010.wmv Okamiden TGS 2010 Trailer 153.2MB 2
04-03-11 Okamiden "Thunder Band" Gameplay Trailer 32.8MB 0
04-03-11 Okamiden "Thunder Boys and Man" Gameplay Trailer 24.3MB 0
04-03-11 Okamiden "Thunder Lady" Gameplay Trailer 17.7MB 1
21-04-10 okamiden_trailer.wmv Okamiden Gamplay Footage #2 95.2MB 2