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Live for Speed

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
18-06-07 lfs_ai_skin-pack.zip Live for Speed AI Skin Pack 75.7MB 1655
24-03-03 LFS_DT_0_2A.zip Live for Speed Demo v0.2 46.8MB 4120
11-10-04 lfs_patch_s1atoh.zip Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3H 3.5MB 2262
16-12-03 LFS_PATCH_S1E.zip Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E 2.9MB 2201
13-02-04 LFS_PATCH_S1E8.zip Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E8 1.1MB 10410
28-12-07 LFS_PATCH_X_TO_Y.exe Live for Speed Patch X to Y 65.4MB 2855
25-03-08 LFS_PATCH_Y_TO_Y13.exe Live for Speed Patch Y to Y13 1.5MB 192
03-07-08 LFS_PATCH_Y_TO_Z.exe Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch Y to Z 13.2MB 1357
18-07-03 LFS_S1A.zip Live For Speed Demo S1 140.6MB 21830
13-02-04 LFS_S1E8_DEDI.zip Live for Speed S1 0.3E8 Dedicated Server 683.7kB 1567
16-12-03 LFS_S1E_DEDI.zip Live for Speed S1 0.3E Dedicated Server 683kB 524
11-10-04 LFS_S1H_DEMO.zip Live for Speed Patch S1 Demo 0.3H 44.9MB 273
20-06-11 LFS_S2_6B_setup.exe Live for Speed S2 Client v0.6B 134.9MB 58299
30-11-12 LFS_S2_6E_setup.exe Live for Speed S2 Client v0.6E 135.5MB 89659
23-06-14 LFS_S2_6F_setup.exe Live for Speed S2 Client v0.6F 135.5MB 10342
29-09-14 LFS_S2_6G_setup.exe Live for Speed S2 Client v0.6G 145.3MB 20505
03-04-15 LFS_S2_6H_setup.exe Live for Speed v0.6H 273.9MB 82946
26-08-15 LFS_S2_6J_setup.exe Live for Speed v0.6J 273.8MB 9992
01-07-05 LFS_S2_ALPHA_P.zip Live For Speed S2 129.6MB 1264
09-08-05 lfs_s2_alpha_patch_p2.zip Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch v0.5P2 1011.7kB 2413
28-11-05 LFS_S2_ALPHA_PATCH_Q.zip Live For Speed S2 Patch Q 1.5MB 380
02-05-06 lfs_s2_alpha_patch_s_to_u.zip Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5T to v0.5U 1.5MB 265
24-04-06 lfs_s2_alpha_patch_t.zip Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5Q to v0.5T 27.8MB 136
02-01-07 lfs_s2_alpha_patch_u_to_v.exe Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5U to v0.5V 6.6MB 458
24-04-06 lfs_s2_alpha_t.zip Live For Speed S2 v0.5T 137.7MB 148
02-05-06 lfs_s2_alpha_u.zip Live For Speed S2 v0.5U 137.7MB 144
02-01-07 lfs_s2_alpha_v.exe Live For Speed S2 v0.5V 112.3MB 2765
06-04-07 LFS_S2_ALPHA_W.exe Live for Speed S2 Alpha version W 112.9MB 4077
09-06-07 LFS_S2_ALPHA_X.exe Live for Speed S2 X 121.4MB 99341
28-12-07 LFS_S2_ALPHA_Y.exe Live for Speed S2 Alpha Y Full Client 149MB 1454
03-07-08 LFS_S2_ALPHA_Z.exe Live for Speed S2 Alpha Z Demo 132.5MB 9390
09-08-05 lfs_s2_dedi_p2.zip Live for Speed S2 Alpha Dedicated Server v0.5P2 1.3MB 240
07-04-05 LFS_S2_DEMO_ALPHA_0_5K.zip Live for Speed S2 Alpha 28.3MB 934
02-05-05 LFS_S2_DEMO_ALPHA_L.zip Live For Speed Demo Alpha 0.5L 28.9MB 977
19-05-05 LFS_S2_DEMO_DEDI_L.zip Live for Speed S2 Demo Dedicated Server 725.4kB 145
29-10-09 LFS_S2_Z25.exe Live for Speed S2 Client vZ25 133.6MB 4649
26-11-09 LFS_S2_Z28_setup.exe Live for Speed S2 Client vZ28 134.3MB 23401