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Kicking off 2022 in Games

Face of Mankind

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
07-12-09 FOM_Client_v1.4.9.0.exe Face of Mankind Open Beta Client 1.2GB 2436
25-01-10 FOM_Client_v1.5.2.0.exe Face of Mankind Client v1.5.2.0 1.2GB 1098
21-04-10 FOM_Client_v1.5.4.2.exe Face of Mankind Client v1.5.4.2 1.3GB 3143
05-08-11 FOM_Client_v1.5.6.7.exe Face of Mankind Client v1.5.6.7 687MB 540
08-08-12 FOM_Client_v1.5.9.9.exe Face of Mankind Client v1.5.9.9 721MB 321
13-02-06 fom_trailer3_high.wmv Face of Mankind Trailer #3 147.2MB 18
22-08-08 fom_v1344.exe Face of Mankind Client v1344 710.1MB 302