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Kicking off 2022 in Games

EVE: The Second Genesis

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
11-06-08 eveclassicpatch53162-56866.exe EVE Online: Empyrean Age Classic Patch v53162 to v56866 36.5MB 28
07-12-07 eveclassictopremiumpatch45017.exe EVE Online Patch v45017 [Classic to Premium] 584.9MB 34
17-01-08 eveclassictopremiumpatch45943.exe EVE Online Patch v45943 [Classic to Premium] 586.3MB 37
29-07-08 eveclassictopremiumpatch58188.exe EVE Online Classic to Premium Client Patch v58188 624.8MB 26
01-12-11 eveonlinecrucible.mp4 EVE Online: Crucible Trailer 49.5MB 8
27-11-09 eveonlinedominion_debut.mp4 EVE Online: Dominion Debut Trailer 93.1MB 52
20-06-08 eveonlineea_cycle.wmv EVE Online: Empyrean Age "Cycle" Trailer 52.3MB 35
03-12-08 eveonlineea_empressjamylcoronation.wmv EVE Online: Empyrean Age "Empress Jamyl" Trailer 32.4MB 13
04-01-11 eveonlineincursion_cinemacut.mp4 EVE Online "Incursion - Cinema Cut" Trailer 15.3MB 8
03-06-13 eveonlineodyssey_indevelopmentfeatures... EVE Online: Odyssey "In Development: Features" Trailer 119.2MB 4
03-12-08 eveonlinequantumrise_debut.wmv EVE Online: Quantum Rise Debut Trailer 42MB 16
22-06-07 eveonlinerev2.mov EVE Online Revelations 2 Trailer 18.7MB 19
24-04-12 eveonlinetemplarone_myrmidontechspecs.... EVE Online: Templar One "Myrmidon Tech Specs" Trailer 13.5MB 4
27-04-12 eveonlinetemplarone_wyverntechspecs.mp4 EVE Online: Templar One "Wyvern Tech Specs" Trailer 25.8MB 5
31-05-10 eveonlinetyrannis_planetsdd.mp4 EVE Online: Tyrannis Developer Diary "Planets" Trailer 43MB 3
22-03-10 eveonlinetyrannis_teaser.wmv EVE Online: Tyrannis Teaser Trailer 36.3MB 11
24-07-13 eveonline_571887_1of2.7z EVE Offline Installer v571887 [Part 1/2] 2.7GB 137
24-07-13 eveonline_571887_2of2.7z EVE Offline Installer v571887 [Part 2/2] 2.8GB 37
28-03-11 eveonline_afuturevisioncg.mp4 EVE Online "A Future Vision" Cinematic Trailer 76.9MB 10
20-01-10 eveonline_amarrhangar.mp4 EVE Online "Amarr Hangar" Trailer 194.3MB 24
28-04-12 eveonline_amarrshadermodel.mp4 EVE Online "Amarr Shader Model Update" Trailer 52.1MB 4
01-06-11 eveonline_anintroductiontothecaptainsq... EVE Online: Incarna "An Introduction to the Captain's Quarters" Trailer 52.6MB 10
10-03-09 eveonline_apocrypha.wmv EVE Online: Apocrypha Trailer 45.8MB 37
20-02-12 eveonline_awakening.mp4 EVE Online Awakening Trailer 41.9MB 8
03-12-09 eveonline_butterflyeffect.wmv EVE Online "Butterfly Effect" Trailer 118.9MB 13
20-01-10 eveonline_caldarihangar.mp4 EVE Online "Caldari Hangar" Trailer 212.6MB 21
07-09-10 eveonline_causality.mp4 EVE Online "Causality" Trailer 108.4MB 24
05-07-11 eveonline_ccpcsmspecialsummit.mp4 EVE Online "CCP CSM Special Summit" Dev Blog Video 262MB 3
27-01-11 eveonline_cdiafilessanshaincursions.mp4 EVE Online "CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions" Trailer 58.2MB 9
12-03-12 eveonline_cdiefilesagentmissions.mp4 EVE Online "CDIA Files Agent Missions" Trailer 75.8MB 5
09-02-12 eveonline_cdiefilespilotorientation.mp4 EVE Online "CDIA Files Pilot Orientation" Trailer 63.3MB 7
04-06-08 eveonline_empyreanageteaser.wmv EVE Online "Empyrean Age" Teaser Trailer 52.5MB 27
06-06-08 eveonline_empyreanageteaser2.wmv EVE Online "Empyrean Age" Teaser Trailer #2 52.5MB 21
22-07-13 eveonline_evealliancetournamentxitease... EVE Online "Eve Alliance Tournament XI" Teaser Trailer 19.8MB 3
29-03-11 eveonline_evefanfest2011newnebulae.mp4 EVE Online Eve Fan Fest 2011 "New Nebulae" Trailer 8.7MB 2
29-03-11 eveonline_evefanfest2011newturrets.mp4 EVE Online Eve Fan Fest 2011 "New Turrets" Trailer 17.1MB 4
26-03-12 eveonline_evefanfest2012newlaunchersan... EVE Online "EVE Fanfest 2012 - New Launchers and Missile Effects Trailer 51.3MB 15
02-04-12 eveonline_evefanfest2012tessellationde... EVE Online "EVE Fanfest 2012 - Tessellation Demo" Trailer 162.3MB 28
20-01-10 eveonline_gallentehangar.mp4 EVE Online "Gallente Hangar" Trailer 222.9MB 20
19-12-12 eveonline_holidaycelebrations.mp4 EVE Online: Retribution "Holiday Celebrations" Trailer 114.8MB 2
12-07-10 eveonline_hulkageddonfanvideo.mp4 EVE Online Hulkageddon Fan Video Trailer 27.2MB 8
23-11-10 eveonline_incursion.mp4 EVE Online "Incursion" Trailer 49.4MB 15
23-05-12 eveonline_infernolaunch.mp4 EVE Online: Inferno Launch Trailer 47.2MB 6
19-05-12 eveonline_infernotrailer.mp4 EVE Online: Inferno Trailer 120.8MB 8
12-05-11 eveonline_infomercialspoof.mp4 EVE Online "Infomercial Spoof" Trailer 62.8MB 4
08-07-11 eveonline_iwasthere.mp4 EVE Online: Incarna "I Was There" Trailer 73.7MB 17
20-01-10 eveonline_minmatarhangar.mp4 EVE Online "Minmatar Hangar" Trailer 195.1MB 17
06-05-14 eveonline_prophecycgi.mp4 EVE Online "Prophecy" CGI Trailer 84.8MB 70
05-12-12 eveonline_retribution.mp4 EVE Online: Retribution Launch Trailer 52.9MB 7
30-07-09 eveonline_thebutterflyeffect.mp4 EVE Online "The Butterfly Effect" Trailer 40.2MB 50
19-08-13 eveonline_theseconddecadecollectorsedi... EVE Online "Eve: The Second Decade Collector's Edition" Trailer 11.3MB 0
28-11-07 eveonline_trinity.wmv EVE Online Trinity Trailer 54.8MB 31
30-09-07 evepatch35183-37459.exe EVE Online Patch v35183 to v37459 15.2MB 10
02-12-09 evepremiumpatch101786-117956_m.exe EVE Online: Dominion Patch v101786 to v117956 499.6MB 84
19-01-11 evepremiumpatch214371-221279_m.exe EVE Online Incursion Patch v214372 to v221279 1.3GB 104
07-04-11 evepremiumpatch237081-246350_m.exe EVE Online: Incursion Patch v1.4 775.1MB 66
01-06-11 evepremiumpatch259851-264377_m.exe EVE Online: Incursion Patch v1.6 548.3MB 46
12-07-11 evepremiumpatch267203-271273_m.exe Eve Online Patch v267203 to v271273 741.7MB 8
11-06-08 evepremiumpatch53162-56866.exe EVE Online Empyrean Age Premium Patch v53162 to v56866 61.8MB 62
11-02-09 evepremiumpatch73201-77718_test.exe Eve Online Premium vPatch 73201 to v77718 [Test Server] 1GB 26
11-03-09 evepremiumpatch75883-84244_m.exe Eve Online Apocrypha Premium Patch v75883 to v84244 1.4GB 193
20-03-14 evevalkyrie_gp.mp4 EVE: Valkyrie Gameplay Trailer 34.2MB 16
10-12-07 EVE_classic_Setup_45017.exe EVE Online Classic Client v45017 605.1MB 289
12-06-08 EVE_Classic_Setup_56866.exe EVE Online Classic Client v56866 618.3MB 94
29-07-08 EVE_Classic_Setup_58188.exe EVE Online Classic Client v58188 618.3MB 42
05-02-09 EVE_Classic_Setup_75883.exe EVE Online Classic Client v75883 653.5MB 259
11-06-13 EVE_Online_540656-549507_win.zip EVE Online Odyssey Patch v540656 to v549507 868.4MB 38
02-12-09 EVE_Premium_Setup_117956_m.exe EVE Online: Dominion Client v117956 2.4GB 200
25-01-10 EVE_Premium_Setup_126344_m.exe EVE Online Client v126344 for Windows. 2.4GB 110
02-06-10 EVE_Premium_Setup_154366_m.exe EVE Online Client v15436 2.6GB 123
13-09-10 EVE_Premium_Setup_177290_m.exe EVE Online Client v177290 2.6GB 46
06-12-10 EVE_Premium_Setup_207554_m.exe EVE Online Client v207554 2.6GB 29
19-01-11 EVE_Premium_Setup_221279_m.exe EVE Oniline Client v221279 Incursion Update 3.7GB 49
27-04-11 EVE_Premium_Setup_247655_m.exe EVE Online Premium Client v247655 3.8GB 91
12-05-09 EVE_Premium_Setup_85476_m.exe EVE Online Client v85476 1.9GB 138
22-06-07 EVE_Setup.exe EVE Online: Revelations 2 Game Client 630.2MB 157
10-08-07 EVE_Setup_35183.exe EVE Online v35183 633MB 162
04-12-06 revelationstrailer.wmv EVE Online Revelations Trailer 45MB 28
03-12-07 trinity_trailer_1920x1080.wmv EVE-Online: Trinity Trailer 102.4MB 107