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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
09-09-10 PlaneShift-v0.5.4-x64.bin PlaneShift Client v5.4 for Linux [x64] 432.5MB 6
09-09-10 PlaneShift-v0.5.4-x64.exe PlaneShift Client v5.4 x64 431.6MB 28
09-09-10 PlaneShift-v0.5.4-x86.bin PlaneShift Client v5.4 for Linux 430.3MB 9
09-09-10 PlaneShift-v0.5.4.dmg PlaneShift Client v5.4 for Mac OS X 525.5MB 23
09-09-10 PlaneShift-v0.5.4.exe PlaneShift Client v5.4 428.7MB 34
13-12-05 PlaneShift Client v3.011 for Linux 245.2MB 9
05-12-05 PlaneShift_CBV0.3.012.exe Planeshift Crystal Blue Release 258.9MB 11
03-03-08 PlaneShift_CBV0.3.020a.dmg PlaneShift v0.4.00 x86 for Mac OS X 296.3MB 27